Go-To Tee

Well, summer's almost over. I just switched out my summer clothes for my sweaters. I'll miss the sun and warmth of summer, but fall's always beautiful. A shirt of mine that'll transition from summer to fall is this striped grey t-shirt from Target. Pairing it with a sweater makes it warm enough for the change in seasons!

Northwest Pearls:

What's been your go-to t-shirt lately?

Parallel Lacing Running Shoes


I have a pair of shoes that I received for free but sadly, they're a little too narrow to be running shoes for me. I'll wear them around town, or for a short walk, but I know I like a wider shoe to be more comfortable in. It's not that they're uncomfortable, it's that I know I could be more comfortable in something wider. But one thing I did do to make them wider was change the lacing. I re-laced the shoes to be parallel laced. It's a little tricky when you're first starting to figure out how to parallel lace, but you just unlace to the very end, then take one lace and go up one hole and out one on one side and take the other lace and go up two holes and out on the other side. The key is to go up one eyelet on one side, inside or outside, no matter which lace you have, and up two eyelets on the other side. You do that until the laces are the same amount of holes up, then you can criss cross lace the rest of the way up!

Northwest Pearls: Parallel Lacing

There are a lot of different ways to lace shoes. Some shoes I have to loop lace for running or walking, others I need to parallel lace or gap lace when I'm flying.

Shoes: 361 Spire

Any tricks you've found for your running shoes?

Afternoon Tea in Victoria

Northwest Pearls: Afternoon Tea This past weekend my best friend and I took a trip up to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. We rode the Coho ferry over from Port Angeles, and arrived late Friday night.

I'd wanted to go to The Empress Hotel for afternoon tea, but they had no room for a reservation. While they'd suggested I call back to try again, I decided to go somewhere else for tea. We went to The Gatsby Mansion instead. The price was half that of the Empress and when I looked at the menu online, their menu looked a little more up our alley.

I ordered the West Coast Tea menu, and substituted the shrimp salad on a mini croissant for the genoa salami on the Signature Afternoon Tea menu. My favorite tea is black tea so I also ordered TWG's 1837 black tea which you can order online, so I may be doing that soon!

Northwest Pearls: Afternoon Tea

Northwest Pearls: Afternoon Tea

Northwest Pearls: Afternoon Tea

We sat outside on the porch overlooking the garden and the harbor. It was a lot of fun and something I'd recommend doing.

Is there anything you'd recommend doing in Victoria?

Brunch for Two

My favorite clutch is one I received from my grandmother. I love it but I don't use it often because it's not practical. But I do like to break it out for dressier occasions. Like brunch for two. Northwest Pearls: Brunch for Two Northwest Pearls: Brunch for Two

Northwest Pearls: Brunch for Two

What's one of your favorite accessories?

Road Trip

This past week we went on vacation to Priest Lake, Idaho. We had an amazing time. We rented a home on the lake and brought our boat so we could water ski, wakeboard, tube, and fish. It was one of the nicest vacations I've had and I'd love to go back another time. I'll post some pictures of the amazing views soon. For the long road trip over, I chose to wear a comfy maxi skirt with a striped tee shirt and my Sperry's.

Northwest Pearls: OOTD at Priest Lake

What's one of your favorite places to vacation?

Out to Brunch

Happy first day of summer and longest day of the year! I bought this skirt in high school from a thriftstore. I love its length and polka dots. It's fairly versatile, as all the best pieces of clothing are. I only wish I could find something similar online but I wasn't able to.

Northwest Pearls: Out to Brunch Northwest Pearls: Out to Brunch

What are your plans for the first few days of summer?

Patagonia Better Sweater

Northwest Pearls: Patagonia Better Sweater If you want to see more pictures from the day that picture was taken, check out my guest post at North Left Coast!

I've been needing a fleece jacket for a few months. I didn't have a lightweight jacket that was warm enough, and I wanted something to layer under my rain jacket/wind breaker. So I looked at Patagonia, Colombia, The North Face, and Arc'teryx fleece jackets.

The fleece that fit me the best, and I liked the most, was the Patagonia Better Sweater. I wanted a neutral color so I bought a black one; and I bought a full-zip fleece because I knew that I didn't want to be pulling it over my head to take it on and off, but it does come in a 1/4 zip version.

I was hesitant to spend the money, but it's something I've been looking to buy for a few months. And since I've bought it, I've worn it more than all my other coats or jackets combined. It blocks the wind fairly well, and it keeps me warm outside. If I wear it in a car or inside a store, I usually get hot enough that I need to take it off.

It was a good buy and I'm glad I finally bought it.

Do you have a fleece jacket you like?


Northwest Pearls: StripedNorthwest Pearls: Striped My new favorite shirt is this navy and white striped shirt from the Loft. I've been wearing it everywhere. It's great for our late spring weather; and will be perfect for those cooler summer days!

What's something you've been loving lately?