I've struggled with acne for about seven or eight years. It's finally almost gone, but it's taken a while. Doctors and dermatologists have prescribed me all kinds of acne medications, I've been using oil-free makeup for years, and still my face is oily and I still have acne into my 20s (thanks family genes.) At least I'll have less wrinkles when I'm older! But, I do work to make my skin as nice as it can be.

I use my Clarisonic Pro (available only at certain locations) once a day. I used to use it twice, but I've gotten lazy. With it I use SkinMedica AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser.

Skincare Routine

Then, in the morning, I put on CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion.

Following that, I use Colorescience skin mattifying face primer to help with the appearance of oil.

Afterwards,  I use bareMinerals READY Foundation, which provides full coverage. Then I use bareMinerals READY Blush and bareMinerals READY Touch Up Veil, which really helps minimize the look of my pores.

Throughout the day though, I have to blot the oil on my skin, otherwise my face is covered in oil. Maybe one day I'll find the magic product that makes all the oil go away! If I find it, I'll let you know.

It's important to keep your skin healthy. What do you do?

Un-shrinking Jeans

My brand new, only been worn once, pair of jeans got shrunk today. After despairing over this for a few minutes, I searched online for a solution. I settled on the third method presented in a wikiHow article. I could button my jeans, but they were pulling at the waist, so I filled the bathtub with warm water. It took forever to fill. Then I put on a swimsuit top, got out a towel, and got into the tub with my jeans on.

I sat in the tub for 20 minutes before getting out. Then I sat outside, where it was warm, and wore my wet jeans for an hour.

It is very hard to take off wet jeans. But I did and then I put the jeans onto the drying rack where they should have been originally.

While the jeans don't seem quite as loose as they were, it was a pretty good solution and they are looser than they were right out of the dryer!

Do you have any other suggestions for un-shrinking clothes?