Double Breasted Blue Coat

Northwest Pearls: Double Breasted Blue Coat Before we went to Europe a few years ago, my mom and I went out looking for new coats for the trip. I found this nice one from Old Navy. I got it on sale, and I figured it anything happened to it, then I didn't waste my money. But the coat lasted and has held up for years. It's a little long, I could have done with a petite size I think, or some hemming, but it's been a pretty good coat, especially for the price I paid. It's decently warm, especially when you layer properly. And I love how bright it is for gloomy days here in the PNW. But I wasn't able to find any similar coats on Old Navy's website right now.

Northwest Pearls: Double Breasted Blue Coat

Do you have a clothing item that's held up well?

Fall Sweaters

It's cozy sweater time! I've just bought a couple more sweaters and have already gotten some use out of them. I love to wear cozy sweaters when the temperature drops. Northwest Pearls: Fall Sweater Collection

I knew that my fall wardrobe is significantly less colorful than my summer wardrobe, but I didn't realize how almost all of my sweaters are pretty neutral until I pulled them all out for this post.

Sweaters from top to bottom:

  • Red Sweater: Kohl's
  • Red Sweater 2: Kohl's
  • Sweater 3: Target (old); Similar here and here
  • Sweater 4: Target (old); Similar here
  • Sweater 5: Coldwater Creek (old); Similar here
  • Sweater 6: Handmade; Similar here, here, and here
  • Sweater 7: Costco (old); Similar here
  • Sweater 8: Target (old);  Similar here
  • Sweater 9: Coldwater Creek (old); Similar here

Fall Neutrals

Now that the weather's changed, it's cool enough for tights. I'm not one to give up dresses or skirts easily, and it's rarely cold enough in Western Washington to have to, but it's not always easy to go barelegged in the fall, winter, or spring. Here's an outfit I really like, it's comfy and a little bit casual, but the skirt makes it look like more effort was put into the whole ensemble. Northwest Pearls: Cozy Neutrals

Northwest Pearls: Cozy Neutrals

Northwest Pearls: Cozy Neutrals

Northwest Pearls: Cozy Neutrals

  • Sweater: Target (old);
  • Shirt: Loft (old); Similar here
  • Skirt: Loft (old)
  • Tights: Unknown
  • Shoes: Palladium (old); Similar here
  • Watch: Anne Klein (old); Similar here

Rain Rain Is Here Today

Now that spring's here, it's time to lose the heavy winter coats and transition into something a bit lighter. I seem to only have heavy coats or thin shells though, so I've been looking for something in the middle that'll work for commuting and everyday life, has a hood, is waterproof, and warm but not too warm. And while I don't know how warm or not these coats are, I'm liking their style. Northwest Pearls: Raincoats

1. The North Face $149.00

2. Barbour $399.00

3. Madewell $138.00

I do love the look of that Barbour (it also comes in navy), but I'm not sure I want to spend that much on a coat. I'm thinking of ordering The North Face coat in black.

Do you have a warmish raincoat that you like? What is it?