Parallel Lacing Running Shoes


I have a pair of shoes that I received for free but sadly, they're a little too narrow to be running shoes for me. I'll wear them around town, or for a short walk, but I know I like a wider shoe to be more comfortable in. It's not that they're uncomfortable, it's that I know I could be more comfortable in something wider. But one thing I did do to make them wider was change the lacing. I re-laced the shoes to be parallel laced. It's a little tricky when you're first starting to figure out how to parallel lace, but you just unlace to the very end, then take one lace and go up one hole and out one on one side and take the other lace and go up two holes and out on the other side. The key is to go up one eyelet on one side, inside or outside, no matter which lace you have, and up two eyelets on the other side. You do that until the laces are the same amount of holes up, then you can criss cross lace the rest of the way up!

Northwest Pearls: Parallel Lacing

There are a lot of different ways to lace shoes. Some shoes I have to loop lace for running or walking, others I need to parallel lace or gap lace when I'm flying.

Shoes: 361 Spire

Any tricks you've found for your running shoes?

Hiking Rattlesnake Ridge and Beyond

Near North Bend, WA there’s an 11.3 mile hike that starts at Rattlesnake Lake and ends at Snoqualmie State Park. We parked one car at the beginning and one at the end. A Discover Pass was required for Snoqualmie State Park. The hike has beautiful views of the land below. WP_20140323_10_18_20_Pro