Strand Vista Park

Northwest Pearls: Strand Vista Park The day I went to Strand Vista Park, the fog was so thick you couldn't see the beach from the railing up above. On a sunny day you can see the ocean and beach.

There are tile fish set into the sidewalk and fake starfish decorating the benches and wall. The sidewalk is ombre.

It's a nice place to hang out and enjoy the view.

Northwest Pearls: Strand Vista Park

And here's some similar Sperry's too!

Is there somewhere you enjoy just looking out at the ocean?

Lunch on the Oceanside Pier

Northwest Pearls: Lunch on Oceanside Pier While I was on vacation in Southern California I went down to Oceanside, CA to have lunch at Ruby's on the pier. I ordered a yummy BLTA and onion rings and after eating we took our time walking down the pier, looking at the waves coming in and at the pelicans hanging out.

Northwest Pearls: Lunch on Oceanside Pier

Northwest Pearls: Lunch on Oceanside Pier

We also grabbed bubble tea (or boba tea) from Bubble Tea in Oceanside. It's tea with milk and tapioca balls added in. There are different variations on the drink but it's pretty good. I like the tapioca balls but usually can't finish them all. My aunt was obsessed with the drink and was craving it just a couple of hours later.

Northwest Pearls: Lunch on Oceanside Pier Northwest Pearls: Lunch on Oceanside Pier

Dress: Target (old)

Blazer: Target (old)

Sunglasses: Target (old)

Purse: Fossil from Nordstrom

Shoes: Crown By Børn from Nordstrom

Have you gone on any fun adventures lately?

Exploring Seattle: Bell Street Pier

Yesterday was such a nice day that I had to go exploring so I went a few blocks north of Pike Place Market. It gets considerably less crowded just a few blocks away. Just off of Elliot Ave. I saw an uncrowded viewing area. I wandered out onto Bell Street Pier or Pier 66 and loved the view.

View of Seattle skyscrapers from Bell Street Pier

View of Olympic Mountains from Bell Street Pier

You could even (just barely) see the Space Needle from out there!

View of Space Needle from Bell Street Pier

Have you explored anywhere new lately?