On the Christmas Tree Hunt

Northwest Pearls: Christmas Tree Hunt This weekend we went out to get a Christmas tree. It's a tradition for us to go to a tree farm, pick one out, and cut it down. Only once in my memory have we bought one from a lot; and that was because we were on vacation before Christmas and didn't want to get one before we left, which meant we bought it on December 22nd or so.

As you'd expect, this year it was raining, but the bright side of the rain meant that we were the only ones at the tree farm. I know that I mock people who use umbrellas, but I went without it for the first few minutes of picking a tree before I gave in and got it out of our car. It did make standing out in the rain slightly more pleasant.

Northwest Pearls: Christmas Tree Hunt

I'm excited to decorate our tree; are you getting a Christmas tree this year? Or if not, do you have any holiday traditions?

Throwback Thursday: Hadrian's Wall

I have a travel bug at the moment so I thought I'd go through and post some old pictures from when I took a trip to Europe. I was going to post some pictures from France, but then I came across pictures from Hadrian's Wall in northern England so I thought I'd share those with you first. The wall was built by Romans as a defense against the tribes in the North. There are still some Roman fort ruins in the area. We went to a ruin called Vindolanda (but I don't have any pictures of it for you today.)

We went up to the wall near sunset and walked around.

Northwest Pearls: Hadrian's Wall

Northwest Pearls: Hadrian's Wall

Northwest Pearls: Hadrian's Wall

Who doesn't love sheep and baby animals?

Northwest Pearls: Hadrian's Wall and Sheep

The picture of this tree is one of my favorite photos from the trip. If I remember correctly, this scene and tree are used in one of the Robin Hood movies.

Northwest Pearls: The Robin Hood Tree

Northwest Pearls: Hadrian's Wall

Northwest Pearls: Hadrian's Wall

The area was really gorgeous. I hope I can go back one day. I loved visiting England and Scotland. I'll tell you more about my trip one of these days.

Have you been to see Hadrian's Wall?

Vashon Island

My two best friends and I spent a day on Vashon Island in the South Puget Sound. (I was going to be there less time because I had to work, but surprise! the ferry went out of service and I couldn't get to work!) So we went adventuring. We went to this cool store called Minglement. It sells so much loose-leaf tea. You can see it below. I had the cafe there brew me a cup of New Moon tea. You can also buy it bagged and take it home to make yourself!

Northwest Pearls: Tea Selection at Minglement

Northwest Pearls: Tea Selection at Minglement

*Photo credit to M. R.

Then, because it's somewhat famous, we stopped by the bike in the tree. There's quite a few legends out there of why it's in the tree. Some are sadder than others. I'm not sure what the real story is, but it is cool to see. Vandals keep on taking the parts though so there's not much left at the moment. (Although at one point I did read that a person works to get replacement parts each time vandals take some. So sometimes the bike has more to it.) The bike is just a few feet into the forest off of one of the main roads.

Then it was time for us to leave and be on our merry way.

Northwest Pearls: View of the Puget Sound

Northwest Pearls: Ferry Ride

*Photo credit to E. R.

Have you ever been to Vashon? What do you think?