Makeup Hack

Northwest Pearls: Makeup Hack

For the last few weeks I've been saving my almost empty container of bareMinerals Matte Foundation. I had a plan to try to somehow open the container to get the last of the foundation that I can't shake through the opening but hadn't gotten around to it yet.

I found this tutorial on how to get the last of the makeup out of the container. I tried it and it worked! I've now got my container open and about a week's worth of foundation to use that otherwise I would have thrown away.

Before I did the tutorial, I unscrewed the lid, shook all the makeup I could have reached back into the bottom, and then twisted shut the plastic lid that separates the foundation from the accessible foundation. Afterwards I screwed the main lid back on and turned the whole container upside down.

Then I took a penny and wedged the penny under the ridge at the bottom. I turned the container and wedged the penny under different areas and after about two turns of wedging, I popped it off!

Northwest Pearls: Makeup Hack

Do you have any makeup tips to share?

Renting a Car When You're Under 25

Northwest Pearls: Renting a Car Under 25

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This summer I may be renting a car for a wedding I'm attending. While I haven't entirely cemented my plans, here's a few things I've learned so far about renting a car if you're under the age of 25:

  • You can rent if you're under 25 with most places, there is just a bigger fee and they probably won't rent you one of their luxury cars.
  • If you're under 25, you need to do it through the agency and not a big comparison website. (At least that's what one of the travel booking sites told me when I called.)
  • Rates vary greatly between rental agencies.  I searched the same dates at five agencies and found that two were significantly more expensive and one didn't have an easy way to say that I'm under 25 so I knocked those three out of the running.
  • And, for anyone of any age: instead of adding on the car rental's insurance, you can do it through your own insurance agency and save some money. At least you can through State Farm.

I'm sure there'll be more that I'll learn as the wedding gets closer and as I figure out what I'm doing. Has there been anything you've learned about renting a car if you're under 25? Let me know in the comments!