Making a Terrarium

Northwest Pearls: Terrarium I've been wanting to add some greenery to my desk for months but haven't liked what I saw in stores or haven't really worked on it. But the other day in the grocery store I saw some cute little plants and bought them.

To be honest at one point I had been looking for plants that needed shade, and not sun, and plants that were from similar environments, but I ended up buying these because I like them and they were cheap so if they die, then it's not much money down the drain. But if you are more serious about this than me, then you can make sure you get all plants that like wet soil or all plants that love full sun.

Northwest Pearls: Terrarium

I already had the glass enclosure for them, but you can find similar enclosures on Amazon. One search term you can use is "terrarium."

Northwest Pearls: Terrarium

I looked at the whole selection of maybe 10-15 plants and picked my favorite five. Then when I got home I took out the potting soil and got to work. The tallest of the five plants fit but it was cramped so I potted it in its own pot. The rest of the four I placed on a table to see where I wanted them.

When I had decided where to put them I got to work on potting them. It was a little tough to maneuver them but I eventually got it. Then I gave them a bit of water and set them on my desk. And then because my desk gets so little natural light, I put them outside to enjoy the sun and I'll be taking them back in permanently later.

I'm excited to have these plants on my desk to make it a happier place. Have you made a terrarium for yourself?