Tea Runners Loose Leaf Tea Subscription Box

Tea Runners March
Tea Runners March

A few weeks ago a friend of mine showed me a new subscription box launching soon called Tea Runners. I love tea and so I decided to try it out. I was one of the first 300 people to subscribe for the first month and my box arrived last week.

The packaging is pretty and I was super excited to open it and read about the four teas inside.

Tea Runners March-3
Tea Runners March-3
Tea Runners March-2
Tea Runners March-2

I first tried their Peach Ginger Detox tea. It was delicious! I really need an electric kettle to set temperatures to to make brewing easier. This tea is made of white, green, and oolong tea.

Generally my favorite tea is black tea, so I was looking forward to trying the CTC Black. It didn't disappoint. I've drunk quite a few cups just of this tea in the last couple of days.

This month's box also included an Annapurna Oolong Tea which I liked too. I hadn't had Oolong before, at least not that I can remember. I made the first cup a little too strong, but it was still pretty good. The second one I didn't steep as long and I added honey to it. Honey makes everything better. Even amazing things.

And finally, I tried the Makalu Mint Green Tea. I'm not a green tea person and maybe never will be. I like it more than I used to, but still don't love it. This was good, but the only way I usually drink green tea is by reminding myself of its benefits, or by not having anything else around that's caffeine free like my plain green tea is. So while this wasn't my favorite, that doesn't mean it's not good, that just means I still don't like green tea.

This is such a cool idea and I think I'll continue with it. I'm just a little bummed that I've already used up a bunch of the CTC Black and it's been less than a week!

If you want a box for April, sign up soon! As of yesterday, they only had 61 slots open for April. You can sign up



Tea Runners March-4
Tea Runners March-4

The Tea House on Los Rios

Northwest Pearls: Tea Room on Los Rios While in California I went out to tea at The Tea House on Los Rios. The cute tea house is on what is one of the oldest streets in that area. Located in San Juan Capistrano, it's not too far from one of the train stations where you can board to go North to Los Angeles, or South to San Diego.

My aunt and I both ordered The Los Rios Tea from the menu. It came with finger sandwiches (the cucumber ones are always my favorite,) fruit, a scone with cream and preserves, and tea. I forget which type of tea we ordered, but it was one of their popular black teas.

Northwest Pearls: Tea Room on Los Rios

It was so nice to sit on the covered porch outside and have tea. Going out to tea is one of my favorite things to do. Tea by itself is fine, but having the finger sandwiches, desserts, and/or scones is so much fun!

The tea house is located on a narrow street that's mostly filled with foot traffic. Other shops on the street sell art, plants, food, and more. It's a street I enjoy visiting when I'm there.

Where do you like to go out for tea?

Loose Leaf Tea

Northwest Pearls: Loose Leaf Tea Minglement, a store on Vashon Island, sells some great loose leaf tea. My best friend gave me a packet of their New Moon tea, my favorite kind, for Christmas and I've been enjoying it so much.

Northwest Pearls: Loose Leaf Tea

I need to get a loose leaf tea infuser, but for now I've been using a travel mug with a built in strainer, similar to this one and this one. In mine the tea is put into the infuser and you can raise or lower the infuser when you want to steep it.

There are also a lot of cute options for infusers for cups or tea pots, like this leaf one, this hippo one, or this cat one. I've also seen a manatee tea infuser, and a ship tea infuser.They also make simple metal infusers, or you could also use a coffee filter if you needed.

(Update 1/23/2016: I bought the manatee infuser but I'll be returning it. The holes aren't fine enough and I have tea leaves in my tea. So I'm going to look for a metal infuser.)

Are there any places in the PNW you like to get loose leaf tea?

Northwest Pearls: Loose Leaf Tea

Cozy Reading

Northwest Pearls: Cozy Reading Off of our kitchen we have two massive armchairs angled a little towards each other and facing the open area of the kitchen. It used to be our breakfast table, but I love having the armchairs there. They're a great place to hang out on while chatting with whoever is in the kitchen and they're nice to read on too.

Northwest Pearls: Cozy Reading

Northwest Pearls: Cozy Reading

What I read varies a lot. Sometimes it's crime thrillers, sometimes it's historical romance, sometimes it's biographies. I use the Kindle Unlimited service quite a bit to find books. And my local library has books available to download so I'll sometimes find something to read there.

Northwest Pearls: Cozy Reading

Sweater: Costco (old); Similar here

Jeans: Loft (old); Similar modern and curvy

Watch: Anne Klein (old); Similar here

Kindle (But now they have a newer version)

Kindle Skin: Couldn't re-find it, but it was from Decal Girl

Mug: A gift from when I job-shadowed one of the Starbucks executives a few years ago

The Crumpet Shop

For lunch a friend and I went to The Crumpet Shop near Pike's Place Market in Seattle. Neither of us had been before but we both like tea so it seemed like a good idea. Crumpets are somewhat like English muffins, but not exactly the same. You can look up the difference yourself but that gives you a general idea.

I ordered an English cheese, pesto, and tomato crumpet with Jasmine Pearl tea.

Northwest Pearls: The Crumpet Shop

It was so nice to go out to lunch and to see a friend. I'd recommend going to The Crumpet Shop if you're ever in that area. They've got a few teas to choose from, organic scones, and a few kinds of organic crumpets to order. It was a really yummy lunch and I'll probably go back sometime.

Have you been anywhere new lately?

Vashon Island

My two best friends and I spent a day on Vashon Island in the South Puget Sound. (I was going to be there less time because I had to work, but surprise! the ferry went out of service and I couldn't get to work!) So we went adventuring. We went to this cool store called Minglement. It sells so much loose-leaf tea. You can see it below. I had the cafe there brew me a cup of New Moon tea. You can also buy it bagged and take it home to make yourself!

Northwest Pearls: Tea Selection at Minglement

Northwest Pearls: Tea Selection at Minglement

*Photo credit to M. R.

Then, because it's somewhat famous, we stopped by the bike in the tree. There's quite a few legends out there of why it's in the tree. Some are sadder than others. I'm not sure what the real story is, but it is cool to see. Vandals keep on taking the parts though so there's not much left at the moment. (Although at one point I did read that a person works to get replacement parts each time vandals take some. So sometimes the bike has more to it.) The bike is just a few feet into the forest off of one of the main roads.

Then it was time for us to leave and be on our merry way.

Northwest Pearls: View of the Puget Sound

Northwest Pearls: Ferry Ride

*Photo credit to E. R.

Have you ever been to Vashon? What do you think?

Birthday Weekend in Downtown Portland

For my 21st birthday, my mom, aunt, and I went to downtown Portland for the weekend. We stayed at the Benson Hotel, which is beautifully restored. The marble and iron staircase at the Benson Hotel


A picture of me, standing in front of a mirror on the staircase at The Benson Hotel

We had a meal at the Ringside Steakhouse, where the pastry chef wished me a "Happy Birthday." It was really pretty.

Creme Brulee at the Ringside restaurant. "Happy Birthday" is written on the plate.

We had high tea at The Heathman. The room we had tea in was amazing. And the pastry chef there also wished me a "Happy Birthday." This plate was also fantastic. I love having afternoon tea. It might be my favorite thing to do.

A huge painting hung on the wall at The Heathman Hotel

Chandelier and wood paneling at The Heathman

Chandelier and wood paneling at The Heathman

Desesrt at the Heathman at afternoon tea. "Happy Birthday" is written on the plate.

Also, while we were in Portland, got to do quite a bit of shopping. We went to Nordstrom and picked up a few things at their Anniversary Sale. My aunt bought me two jackets for my birthday, a beautiful brown leather jacket, and a pretty black rain jacket. When we went to Anthropologie, I found a necklace and earrings that I pinned to Pinterest a few weeks ago and my mom bought them for me.

Three shopping bags, two from Nordstrom, one from Anthropologie.

We also went to Powell's Books. It was incredible how many books they have. For one of our dinner, we had some Indonesian food from Satay Indonesia, a food truck nearby.

There was much more we wanted to do in Portland but didn't have the time for. Maybe next time!