Emergency Supplies

So our power went out three times in one day earlier this week. Three! And it wouldn't have been so bad except that I had to park my car half a mile away and cut through a neighbor's yard because a tree was leaning over the road and the fire department didn't want anyone driving or walking under it. So I had to walk, in heels, and then I was more or less trapped at my house, totally trapped when my brother took my car because his was blocked in. Long story short, we had my dad's birthday dinner by candlelight. What I learned was:

  • To have more candles on hand. We made it work, but all of our candles are scented and decorative. We had an island-scented candle, a pear candle, and a spices candle going at the same time.
  • To have a reliable lighter.
  • To keep a pair of walking shoes in the car. Probably should have been doing this already.
  • How to start the generator. My dad showed me and so from now on I should be able to do it from now on.
  • You can't have too many things on in the house when you have a generator on. It overloads the generator.
  • You can use a grill (outside) to cook things that aren't normally grilled.

Do you have any power outage tips?