Pretty Finds: Stationery

While shopping at Target this weekend, I wandered down the stationery/invitations aisle. I came away with thank you cards and blank cards to write messages on. They had such a large selection of thank you cards, I had trouble choosing which ones were my favorite but I settled on a set of fifty cards. Then I picked three different sets of blank cards. Pretty Stationery from Target


Here is a link to the top left card, although it's not sold online. Here is a link to the seahorse card, and here is a link to the hedgehog card, both made by Mara Mi. The striped card is made by Carlton Cards and not sold at as far as I can tell.

I can't wait to start using them! Have you found anything lately you're excited to use?

Gift Ideas For Those Who Don't Want Much

Most of my favorite gift ideas involve something that won't be around forever. If you can eat it, then it's probably a great gift. I don't have a very large living space, so displaying gifts and knick-knacks around is hard for me. However, in my opinion, some of the best gifts don't need to be stored. 1. Food. I don't see how you could go wrong with food. There's chocolate, fruit, meals, etc. You could buy them coffee or dinner and spend time with them. You could give them their favorite chocolate. You could make them their favorite cake. There's lots of ways you could give food. Plus, who doesn't like eating?

Cooked Cookie Dough Bowls for ice cream

Chocolate Strawberries are a cool food gift too. I made a blog post about them here.

2. Stationery. I have a little problem with how much I like stationery.  I use it  a lot and always want more. But, unless you know the person, or can find something classic that most people would like, you might want to shy away from this so you don't give them something contrary to their tastes. However, when I'm using stationery, I try to use the cards that I think the recipient would most like, so having  a few different styles isn't a bad thing.

3. Books. I don't usually buy books for myself but I'm always looking for something to read. You don't want to buy them something they already own or have read, but if you can find something good that they don't have and you like, then getting a book can be great. You're getting a gift that someone else likes and you get to try it. Now, to be fair, books take up a bit of space. I don't have any room for them in my room, but e-books are great and I use my kindle for most reading.

4. Flowers. Most people don't buy flowers for themselves so receiving flowers from a friend can be pretty cool. They can sit on your table, nightstand, or counter top for you to look at. They're a very pretty gift and can be from a friend, or a significant other. I always love to receive flowers and I can always find room for them somewhere.

A large pink peony flower

Do you have any other gift ideas?