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Bridesmaid Dress Tips

Northwest Pearls: Bridesmaid Dress Tips I was asked to be maid of honor in a wedding recently. The bride and I don't live near each other though so she gave me her specifications for the bridesmaid dresses, what color it should be and how long, and then let me pick out what I wanted. Because she chose a national chain I was able to look online at dresses and send her the links to the ones I liked to see what she thought.

I called the store and asked if I needed an appointment and was told "no" but when I got there they were really busy and I think that they wanted me to have made an appointment, so it probably would have been a good idea to make one. I tried on a few of the dresses, settled on one, and placed the order. They gave me a date for when it would be ready, it was about three months away, and off I went.

When it came in it needed alterations, something else you need to make an appointment for, so I made an appointment. But then I was thinking, I know an amazing seamstress and besides, the alteration is simple enough that the dry cleaners can probably do it.

So I took it to the dry cleaners and they were able to make the alteration in less than a week while the national store had quoted me a month do get it done. And I'm virtually positive that the price was cheaper from the dry cleaners.

So my tips for getting a bridesmaid dress are:

  • Make an appointment.
  • Bring your shoes and underthings with you.
  • Make sure you've eaten recently.
  • Bring water.
  • Go as early as possible. Another bridesmaid had her dress come in a month late which was pressing it for the wedding.
  • Get your dress at a place near you. One bridesmaid ordered hers in the town the wedding was going to be in but didn't get back there until two days before the wedding. So we were a little apprehensive that the dress would even fit.
  • See if a dry cleaners or a local seamstress can alter your dress. It might cost less!

Do you have any tips to add in the comments?