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Solo Hike to Lake 22


I’m going to start off my attempt at getting back into blogging with a (mild) adventure.


I’ve been wanting to hike to Lake 22 here for a while, but it just wasn’t happening. So I decided to make it my fourth solo hike!

It was a winter hike (and the WTA website warns of avalanche danger) so I packed a lot of extra safety gear. Including food and water, my pack was about about 20% of my bodyweight. But hey, that’s all training weight, right? (For real though, I need to figure out how to get my packweight down. I’m petite though which doesn’t help.)

I told my mom what time to expect to hear back from me, but I did my math wrong which meant that I had a very frustrating hike I didn’t know I’d be able to finish for the first hour or so. I was so annoyed at myself and at the lack of cell-phone signal to tell her that I wanted/needed more time. I did the math though and figured out that my turn around time had to be 12:15 p.m. Wherever I was at that point, I needed to head back.

I booked it up that mountain-I passed so many people! Somehow (I ate a snack while I walked) I made it to the top with time to spare! There was snow at the top so I pulled out my poles but didn’t need my micro-spikes.

I checked the time, it was about noon. I wanted to loop the lake, but again wasn’t sure I had time. I decided to try it though and see how far around the lake I was in 10 minutes. Sure enough, I was halfway around it in time so I was able to loop it.

It would have been kinda nice (but kinda cold) to stay at the top, relax, have lunch, but I didn’t have time for that. I headed straight back down and again passed lots of people going down.

I made it to the car with a few minutes to spare but was still 30 minutes from cell-service. Worst case scenario I figured I’d stop and ask to use a phone at a local business but I made it!

I’ve never wished for a 1-2 way satellite messaging device more than I did on that hike. I carry a personal locator beacon, but it would have been nice to have some way to tell my mom “Hey, I’m fine, don’t call the rescue team. I’m just taking longer.”

Looking back, I think in the future I’ll be more careful about my math and give myself some extra time to hang out and relax. I’m so glad I was able to finish the hike though, and I did it in record time!

6.6 miles with 1,400 ft of elevation gain and a pack that weighed 20% of my body weight in 2 hours and 40 minutes! It was a record for me and I’m proud of it.

What’s one of your prouder hikes?


Solo Hike to Little Si

Little Si Solo-1.jpg

Solo hike number two was to Little Si. I hadn't done it, or Mt. Si, before, and wanted to do something new. So I packed up my stuff and headed out. It wasn't as crowded as I was expecting it to be in November, but there were a fair amount of people. It's also not as remote as I expected it to be. See the houses behind me at the first viewpoint?

But it was still a nice hike and a decent day for it! Seeing Mt. Si from the top of Little Si was amazing. And I even saw some rock climbers attempting to get to the top of Little Si!

Do you have any hikes you'd reccomend for a solo hike?