The Perseid Meteor Shower

Northwest Pearls: Perseid Meteor Shower Last night I attempted to watch the Perseid meteor shower. I hauled out my sleeping bag, a lantern, my Kindle, and some water to watch it out on the trampoline. As soon as I walked out the door I realized that my sleeping bag wasn't needed, it was too warm out. But I took it with me anyways.

Once I was on the trampoline I figured out that to look Northeast, I would have to look through the netting. So I crawled back out and drug a chaise lounge out to the middle of the lawn. After I had that situated I lay down to watch the meteor shower.

Living in the greater Seattle area I'm aware that there's a ton of light pollution. I would love to go somewhere where there's far less. Seeing as how that's a little unrealistic for just a meteor shower here and there, I'm stuck where I am.

But I spent two hours out last night and only saw five meteors. Don't get me wrong, I loved seeing those five. Last time I did this I didn't see a single one. I can't imagine how amazing the night sky must be somewhere where there's little to no light pollution.

Stargazing is one of my favorite activities. It's on my bucket list to go somewhere where thousands of stars are visible to the naked eye. (With a little effort, I could probably count all the stars I saw last night. I'm betting it was around 100-150.)

But until I move somewhere with little light pollution or get to take a trip somewhere like that, I'll be here, dragging the chaise lounge out to the middle of the yard and looking towards the stars.

Did you get to see the meteor shower last night? What did you think?

Stargazing and Searching for the Northern Lights

Last night it was going to be possible to see the northern lights from Western Washington. So a friend and I went out to watch. I hauled out my Disney princess blanket that I was given in high school (my best friend's dad bought each of us one) and curled up outside. We lit a bonfire, probably not helping with seeing the sky but it was nice and cozy, and watched the sky. Sadly we didn't see any northern lights, but it was a clear night and we did see shooting stars.

One of my favorite things to do is to stargaze and I hope to one day get far enough away from the light pollution that I can see tons of stars. The last time I got out in the wilderness it was cloudy every night, ruining any chances I had at seeing the stars.

Have you gotten to see the northern lights? What did you think?