CPR/AED/First Aid Class

First Aid Sign

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I've been wanting to take a First Aid and CPR class for a while and I finally had the chance!

I should have taken a class last summer when I had loads of time on my hands, but I didn't. However at my new internship I had the opportunity to take one. The CPR portion was practicing reviving our dummy, the AED (the defibrillator, you know the thing with paddles you use to restore a heart's natural rhythm), the teacher demonstrated that with a test defibrillator and a dummy, and we learned about first aid and what to do in different situations.

There were about 15 of us plus the teacher. It was a five hour class with 45 minutes for lunch. I highly recommend you taking something like that. You should really learn these things from a trained professional, I'm definitely not giving you any advice. But I like that I now have this knowledge and hope I will never need to use it.

I do still want to learn a few more skills, I wouldn't mind a wilderness course, and I would love to learn how to sail. Maybe one of these days I will!

Have you learned anything new lately?