Un-shrinking Jeans

My brand new, only been worn once, pair of jeans got shrunk today. After despairing over this for a few minutes, I searched online for a solution. I settled on the third method presented in a wikiHow article. I could button my jeans, but they were pulling at the waist, so I filled the bathtub with warm water. It took forever to fill. Then I put on a swimsuit top, got out a towel, and got into the tub with my jeans on.

I sat in the tub for 20 minutes before getting out. Then I sat outside, where it was warm, and wore my wet jeans for an hour.

It is very hard to take off wet jeans. But I did and then I put the jeans onto the drying rack where they should have been originally.

While the jeans don't seem quite as loose as they were, it was a pretty good solution and they are looser than they were right out of the dryer!

Do you have any other suggestions for un-shrinking clothes?