A Fun Thing for Long Distance Relationships

My best friend E. moved across the country for grad school. I'm immensely proud of her but I miss her and it's only been a week. However, a couple of months ago I heard about, a website where you can video chat and watch movies or television with friends online. You can chat with up to 15 people and can watch Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and more! It's great for long-distance relationships or even collaborating for work.

So after she moved away, we tried it.

Rabbit is still in beta mode, and we had about half-an-hour's worth of trouble getting it started, but once we had everything working, it was great! We watched Zoolander on Netflix and I got to see her face and hear her voice while we were watching it together 2,500 miles apart.

We ended up getting it to work when we were both in the chat/video room in Google Chrome. I had trouble with my mic at first, but the mic worked in Skype. Then I couldn't see her, but eventually we both ended up in Chrome and everything was working. I don't know if you'll also have to be in Chrome to make it work for you or if that's just how it happened to work for us, but if you use it, you may have to play around with it.

The only thing I wish I could do would be to make the video full screen and still be able to see the person or people I'm chatting with as a little bubble in the corner, but I couldn't find a way to make that work. It's a minor thing but I'd rather her bubble block part of the screen than have both be pretty small.

She and I have plans to watch a television show later this week. I'm excited to do this with her; it's a fun way to stay in contact and keep ourselves watching our favorite shows and movies together. It's the next best thing to watching something together in the same room and this way, we don't have to click play or pause at the same time, the website takes care of that for us.

Have you tried Rabbit or a similar service? What have you thought?