Makeup Does Not Define Us

I've had bad acne for years, probably around eight years, it's only now getting better. I've been reliant on makeup since it was acceptable to wear it. But last year I did a week without makeup, and when it was over, I went back to wearing makeup, a little more comfortable without it, but not really. This year one of my friends challenged me to not wear makeup for another week. She and one other friend did it with me. At first I was uncomfortable and I wasn't as social as I normally am, although I was also having a bad couple of days so that may have been part of it. The second day, Tuesday, was the worst day of all seven. I ended up in a friends' room practically in tears about how I felt I looked. Both of the friends who lived there thought I looked fine and was overreacting (which I was.) They made jokes and made me feel better. (Thanks N. and J.!)

After that the week got easier. It got to the point where I didn't need to wear makeup, but I just wanted to wear it to feel pretty again, which still isn't a good point, but it's better than where I started it. I was okay not wearing it, but I just wanted it.

Finally Monday came around and I could wear makeup again. So I did my eyeliner and mascara before putting on foundation. And then I put on foundation and looked at myself. I didn't like it. So I took off the foundation and went around for the day without it. And I felt beautiful. I felt more beautiful without foundation than with it. I went without foundation for the rest of the week and felt awesome. I didn't use foundation again until I had to get pictures taken and go shopping for a graduation dress (gotta love those harsh lights.) I do still use mascara and eyeliner, but I can go without them now if I need to.

My friends didn't treat me any differently, other than to say that they thought I looked the same, just as good, or better, without makeup. I needed the encouragement from them. (You rock A., E., L., J., N., C., and J.!)

I'm proud to say that I now feel pretty with or without makeup. It's taken me a long time to get here, I can be very insecure about my looks and especially my skin. But now that I'm here, I'm staying. Makeup does not define us as women. Our actions define us.

Thank You Cards

Thanking people for their time or for help or for their generosity is important. Before I left for college, I made sure that I had some thank you cards. But even with my thank-you cards, my birthday cards, and my monogrammed cards, I lacked just a plain thank you that would work for a certain occasion. I needed a card to thank a couple for letting my friends and I use their mountain cabin for a weekend. And I didn't have a plain thank you card that didn't look like summer. And because we went to the mountains, a summery card didn't work. And because all twelve of us wrote on the card, I didn't want it to be my monogram on the front.

Some cards like these would have been good for me to have on hand. As it was, I had to get a nice, plain card from a friend.

Thank You - Foil Many Thanks 50 Ct

Letterpress Thank You Cards

Thank You - Foil Silver Thanks 50 Ct

So just a little something to keep in mind. Plain thank you cards can be very useful (and pretty.)

Have you found any others that you've loved?