Huckleberry Pie at Priest Lake

Northwest Pearls: Huckleberry PieI've always loved huckleberries. We've always had bushes of them growing in our yard or neighborhood so it blew my mind when my best friend thought that they were something "from Dr. Seuss." Then I had two other friends think that they were just a flavor. They didn't realize they were a real thing. That being said, I love huckleberry flavored things. Ice cream especially. We bought huckleberry ice cream at Priest Lake and it was amazing. And while at that store, we picked up a huckleberry pie for later. It was pretty good. And so pretty. I can't imagine how many huckleberries it took to make this though.

I'd for sure go get ice cream there again and probably the pie too!

What's one of your favorite flavors?

Homemade Chicken Pot Pie

Northwest Pearls: Homemade Chicken Pot Pie I was recently craving comfort food, in particular Chicken Pot Pie, so I decided to make one!

In the past, okay, it was one time, I haven't had much luck with pie crusts. But I decided to try again and make my own pie crust. So I found this recipe from the New York Times and followed it for the crust.

And for the pie filling, I followed this recipe from All Recipes.

Northwest Pearls: Homemade Chicken Pot Pie

Both recipes were fairly easy, well, I had some trouble with the pie crust, but it turned out this time. (Last time I ended up going to the store to buy a crust.)

I could have cut the slits in the top a bit more symmetrical, and I could use some practice in rolling out the pie crust, but oh well. It tasted good anyways!

The one thing I would change is to not add so much salt to the dish. I think most of the salt was in the pie crust because when I ate the filling and bottom crust, I enjoyed the dish more than with the top crust. But that's a pretty easy fix!

What's a pie you like to make?

Thanksgiving Treats

Northwest Pearls: Thanksgiving Bakery Treats For Thanksgiving dessert, our friend bought Chocolate Pecan Tarts and cookies from Phoebe's Pastry Cafe. Our friend brought about eight of the tarts to Thanksgiving dinner. All of which came in a big white pastry box with the bakery sticker on top. I think it's cute that the logo design has a "P" incorporated into the baker.

Northwest Pearls: Thanksgiving Bakery Treats

I love Chocolate Pecan Pie so I had a tart. It was amazing. I could have eaten a second one. I can't tell you how much I loved the tart, but I finished every last crumb on my plate.

Northwest Pearls: Thanksgiving Bakery Treats

We never got into the cookies, but they were decorated really well and looked yummy. I like how the leaves aren't a solid green, but have  three different colors.

Northwest Pearls: Thanksgiving Bakery Treats

I'm definitely adding Phoebe's Pastry Cafe to my list of places I need to try. I'd like to see how the rest of their food is!

What's your favorite kind of holiday dessert?