Refreshing Yourself

Northwest Pearls: Refreshing Yourself
Northwest Pearls: Refreshing Yourself

It has been a long year. I'd been overwhelmed for a long time now. Honestly the only thing that kept me from completely breaking was my faith. But there are other things that I'd like to share that help me feel a little better in the midst of the storm. Maybe they'll help you figure out what you need to recharge.

  • Alone time. This doesn't always work, sometimes I need people, but more than I've ever needed in my life, I've needed alone time to think and to process and to pray.
  • Time outdoors. This one doesn't always work either sadly. There are hikes where I just want to sit down and quit. But more and more I'm enjoying hiking like I used to.
  • Time with friends. For me this can't just be with any friend. It has to either be with a friend with no idea what's gone on in my life, or with one close enough that if I'm not talkative, they don't mind.
  • Time reading the Bible. There is so much that's comforting in the Bible. You can read about God's love and faithfulness or about others' pain and suffering and see that you're not alone and that God was with them. I'm so grateful for it. You have no idea how many verses I've highlighted and how much I've read my Bible in the last few months. I've read through Job, been encouraged by Paul's conversion, and been comforted through the Psalms.
  • Time praying. This doesn't always help, frequently it's me crying out to God for relief or patience, but it's nice to know that God is listening. Even if I feel like the world has caved in around me, he's there and he cares.

Things are better; life doesn't always go according to plan but you adjust and you move on. All of this has made my faith that much stronger and has made me a stronger person.

What do you like to do to keep yourself refreshed?


Patience is something that I, and most people, need to work at. I can (usually) be patient while waiting in line at the store. I can be patient while waiting for the mail to arrive, but when it comes to big things that are potentially life changing, I have trouble just waiting around. You could compare it to a child waiting for Christmas. I feel that anxious for what I'm waiting for to come around.

But patience is a good thing, which is probably why it's so hard to have. So what are some ways to make ourselves more patient?

  • Distract yourself. I currently have too much free time, so I spend it daydreaming about what may or may not happen, and planning for the outcome I'm hoping so much to have. The busier I keep my mind, the less time I have to agonize over what may or may not happen.
  • Remind yourself that things take time. You're not the only person to have to wait for something big or important. It may be that it's a good, even a great thing, that you have to wait. Plus, patience builds character, so that's a good thing.
  • Remember what matters. While you may be excited for that semester abroad or that job offer, they're (probably) not the most important things in your life. Your relationships with friends and family are (probably) going to be more important and lasting than whatever it is you're waiting on.
  • Remember that everything will work out. Obsessing or worrying over something won't help anyone. It just makes it harder because it's on your mind. So remember that everything will work out and life will be fine.

Patience is a good character trait to have. It helps with both personal and professional life. You shouldn't snap at your co-workers, and you should be able to be excited for, but not impatient over, an upcoming vacation. It's hard though, and it's something that I'm still working on.

Do you have any other suggestions for being patient?