Should You Buy A Buff?

Northwest Pearls: Mima Falls Now, you may be asking like I did the first time, "What is a Buff?"

Well, it's a neck-wrap, and a balaclava, and a headband, sweatband, pony-tail holder, and more.

My favorite thing it does, and why I bought it, is for the neckband/scarf. You can see me wearing it above on our hike to Mima Falls. I had used a scarf for snowshoeing and got frustrated at the ends constantly flapping around. I needed something to keep my neck warm but not annoy me.

A friend of mine had bought a Buff for snowshoeing, mostly because he couldn't find the other two or three he already owned. I greatly envied it so before my next hike, I researched them.

I'd decided I wanted a wool one because I anticipate using it mostly when it's cold. I've never wanted something like this in warmer weather, even though people do use them in all weather. The company makes an Original BuffHigh UV Protection BuffUV Insect Shield Buff, Wool BuffPolar Reversible Buff, and a Windproof Buff.

I love my wool one; I don't think it's itchy and neither do any of the reviews I read. I'd debated getting the Polar Reversible Buff, but decided that I didn't need that level of warmth. And I debated getting the Original Buff too, but wanted a little bit more warmth than that. It was a great purchase, and I'd recommend getting one. If I get another I might try the Original Buff.

So the answer to "Should you get a Buff?" If you're wanting something to keep your neck warm, or do so many other things, it's "yes."

Patagonia Better Sweater

Northwest Pearls: Patagonia Better Sweater If you want to see more pictures from the day that picture was taken, check out my guest post at North Left Coast!

I've been needing a fleece jacket for a few months. I didn't have a lightweight jacket that was warm enough, and I wanted something to layer under my rain jacket/wind breaker. So I looked at Patagonia, Colombia, The North Face, and Arc'teryx fleece jackets.

The fleece that fit me the best, and I liked the most, was the Patagonia Better Sweater. I wanted a neutral color so I bought a black one; and I bought a full-zip fleece because I knew that I didn't want to be pulling it over my head to take it on and off, but it does come in a 1/4 zip version.

I was hesitant to spend the money, but it's something I've been looking to buy for a few months. And since I've bought it, I've worn it more than all my other coats or jackets combined. It blocks the wind fairly well, and it keeps me warm outside. If I wear it in a car or inside a store, I usually get hot enough that I need to take it off.

It was a good buy and I'm glad I finally bought it.

Do you have a fleece jacket you like?