11 Things I Learned About Organizing My Email

When I went to college I got an email address that all students there received. I started forwarding my other email addresses over to that one and that one became my primary address. I started to regret that. A smarter move would have been to forward that one over to my main one because once I graduated college, I didn't want to use a college related one and while it didn't take too long to move everything around, I did spend a couple of hours deleting 2,000 emails. Yes, 2,400 emails. Which was a ton to me. But I went through and deleted 2,000 of them. So what I learned from that was:

  1. Forwarding your email can be a pain as it duplicates everything.
  2. You should have an email address that you will use after college for adult things such as job applications and forward everything to that one. Use that account as your main one.
  3. Every so often go into your other email accounts and delete things you don't need.
  4. I'm not as good at deleting old sales emails as I thought I was.
  5. I'm subscribed to companies I don't care about.
  6. I'm subscribed to companies I do care about. (I like hearing about their sales.)
  7. There are social media websites from which I don't want to get weekly updates.
  8. Use one email for all of your subscriptions/accounts. It simplifies everything.
  9. Create folders in your email account. 'Purchases' 'School' etc.
  10. Writing down where you are subscribed or you have accounts is a nice thing to do for yourself.
  11. Sitting down and just doing it is an efficient, and frustrating, way to get it done.