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Dressing for Work

I've slowly been accumulating the dressy work clothes needed for an office. It took me a while to find a collared blouse that I liked, but I found the most amazing one at The Loft. (They have really great sales fairly often, so signing up for their email list is a good way to get info about those.) This shirt is amazing. I have it in three colors. I've worn it in numerous blog posts such as herehere, and here.

Plaid Skirt for Work

I'm such as fan of full skirts and midi skirts. They work for work, and they're comfortable! Here's a cute one that would be appropriate for work! I'm wearing a full midi skirt in the picture below.

Black and Grey

And trouser pants. Those are a must. Again, The Loft has quite a few pairs. Really quite a bit of my things come from The Loft.

And a blazer is a must have, even if you don't wear it everyday, you should have at least one in your closet, preferable two or three. I've got two from The Loft that I love. Here's a similar one to one of mine that you can see me wearing below.

Interview Time

Finally, a nice pair of comfortable, sensible shoes. Flats will usually work, nice boots will sometimes work, and a pair of black or nude heels will always work. I've been raving about this pair of heels for years. They're amazing. I don't even want to know how many times I've worn them. Here's a picture of me in them for Halloween last year.

What are some of your work essentials?

Black and Grey

My shirt's got a ribbon that's supposed to be a bow, however it comes untied easily and sort of looks like a tie in these pictures. I do love these nude heels. I would wear them everyday if I could. Black and Grey

Black and Grey

Black and Grey

Black and Grey

Shirt: Loft, Similar Here

Sweater: Loft 

Skirt: Old, Similar Here

Shoes: Nordstrom

Watch: Nordstrom