Learning to Say "No"

My mother recently told me, "Here's something I wish my mom had told me, and something that I wish I would have figured out when I was your age, 'It's okay to say "no."'" It was during a week when I had virtually no free time, I was rushing from one thing to the next, with no time to eat or to keep up on things around the house, and I was not in the best mood because of my obligations.

I know that that's life for everyone, but I was more stressed than usual and I rarely say "no." In fact, I can't remember the last thing I said "no" to.

I try to work my schedule out so I can fit everything in. Just a couple of days ago I was stressing out about where I was going to fit some time in with a friend from out of town. She's only here for a set amount of time and I'm busy for most of it.

But I can fit time in with her after 8pm on most days, or we can meet for an early breakfast. After all, we've both got to eat and that's when I've got my free time.

The thing is though, that I'm stressing out about trying to fit everything into my schedule. I'm trying to please everyone and sometimes that makes life harder for me.

It would be easier if I would start to say "no" to various things (especially things I don't want (or have) to do), instead of saying "yes" to everything.

It's important to realize that you need time to yourself and that pleasing others may not be what's best for you. We have limits and we need to realize them.

So if you need to, say "no." It's something I need to work on.