Improving the Self

We all have things we can improve on, whether it's talking in a nicer tone when we're mad, which I could do some work on, or it's not swearing at drivers in traffic. Here's a short list of a few things, of many, that I am going to try and consciously accomplish. 1. I will not say mean things about people I know.

2. I will not gossip. (There is a difference between gossip, and an exchange of information. In my opinion, gossip is mean spirited and you couldn't say it to that person's face, an exchange of information is fact and something you're genuinely interested in. Like hearing from a friend what another friend has been up to._

3. I will not say mean things about people I don't know.

4. I will eat healthier.

5. I will exercise more.

6. I will read more.

7. I will read my Bible more.

8. I will complain less.

9. I will be more financially responsible.

10. I will wear sunscreen more often.

Is there anything you've been wanting or feeling like you should do?