Purple Politics

My friend recently told me I should subscribe to Purple Politics. It's a program that texts you with news updates every morning. I finally did and I have to say it's pretty cool. You just text keywords to the number and it responds with recaps of the news. You can get polling results, top stories, Trump quotes, and more. It's another quick and easy way to get the news.

My only problem with it is that it texts in the morning when I'm rushing out the door. If I was taking public transportation, and not driving, I would probably go back to it, but I rarely remember to go back to the texts for a few hours, if at all.

But for days when I have my phone right next to me, it's great! On Super Tuesday, I signed up for the live updates and was getting texts all day about the caucuses. It was informative and so helpful.

To subscribe, go to and enter your phone number!

What do you subscribe to?