Buying for College

There are a lot of things that you don't need to bring to college, and you don't NEED everything on this list, but there are some things that you might overlook as you shop for college. I've added some of them to the list.

A piece of fabric to cover the nasty fluorescent light that's probably in the middle of your room. Maybe wait to buy this until you see the room.

Some sort of lighting to use when you don't want to use that horrific fluorescent light in your room.

Shower shoes. Don't shower barefoot. Unless you're comfortable with that. But I couldn't stand to do that.

Two sets of towels. I had my shower towel fall on the bathroom floor a few times. I would then put it in the dirty clothes and use my second towel.

Some entertainment reading. Not a ton, and it depends on who you are, but it's nice to have once in a while when you've got some down time.

Different levels of clothing. By this I mean, have your workout clothes for your intramural games, but also have some nice clothes for interviews or something of the sort.

Ethernet cord. The wi-fi at college can suck. I had an Ethernet cord and it seemed to me that I had better internet than most.

Some extra supplies (especially if you don't have a car, then you can go longer between store runs). If you don't have the space for it, then you can make do. I did enjoy having the extra stuff though.

Thank you notes and/or blank cards. I went through a ton of thank you notes. Not everyone writes them, but I try. I also used blank cards to write my friends little notes.

Stationary. It's fun to mail snail mail on pretty stationary. This isn't something that you NEED, and it probably shouldn't be on this list, but it doesn't take up much space, and I liked having it.

A fan. Of course it depends on where you go, but I don't know how I would have survived without my fan. It was only useful in September and May, but it was run 24/7 in those few weeks.

Painters' tape. It's usually blue. Of course, it depends on your college, but you're probably allowed to use this tape. I also had duct tape that I used every so often for random things like making the outlet strip stay attached to the fridge and out of the way.

Outlet expanders. I had so many. There were five outlets in our room, and we had expanders on four of them. I had a phone charger, a kindle charger, a lamp, an alarm clock, an electric toothbrush, a Clarisonic, a fan, a microwave, a fridge, and a computer (I think that's it.) So I had to have lots of outlets. Also, there's the roommate to consider, because he or she probably has around the same amount of things.

An iron can be useful too. It's not necessary, but I found it useful to iron a few dress shirts, and to iron my graduation gown. It wasn't too hard to store, and you don't need an ironing board, you can just use a towel to iron on. However, I have seen some college laundry rooms with irons and ironing boards.

A drying rack. I used mine every single wash load. I needed two usually so I borrowed a friend's or a neighbor's. Most of my clothes can't be dried in the drier though, and I had friends who got along without one. But about 90% of my clothes have to be air dried so it's necessary for me.


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There may be other things that are necessary for college that I'm forgetting. I'll try to add them as I think of them. Is there anything else that you can think of that's necessary?


Fourteen Things You Don't Need to Bring to College

There are so many lists out there of what to bring to college, and I've got one of those lists too, but I'm also going to tell you what you DON'T need to bring to college. You don't need to bring:

1. Lots of decorative pillows. Some people like them, and sure, they're pretty, but you don't NEED them.

2. Extra sheets. I washed my sheets every...well, you don't need to know how long it was between washings. But when I washed the sheets, I stripped the bed, and when the sheets were dry, I put them back on the bed. You only need one set of sheets. Just be on top of your laundry. Or at least your sheet laundry. (Side note: I am in favor of two bath towels. I didn't need a second one very often, but three or four times mine fell on the bathroom floor and that's enough for me to put it in the dirty clothes and get my second towel.)

3. An ironing board. I had an iron, that I used maybe four times. Maybe. That was nice and easy enough to store. But I ironed on a towel on the floor or on a towel on a chair. And that worked fine. You don't need an entire board. Your laundry room may even have a board, ours did.

4. A vacuum or a broom. My dorm had a closet that had vacuums. RA's could get into the closet and we could check out whatever we needed through them.

5. A television. Many of my guy-friends had TV's in their rooms. It was nice to have available, but it's not necessary. They take up a bunch of space, and your dorm may very well have lounges with televisions or movie rooms.

6. A microwave. If you're really trying to cut down, you probably don't NEED a microwave if you've got a big meal plan. I really enjoyed having mine though and I'm glad I had one. However, your dorm may have a kitchen with a microwave (or two) that you can use.

7. Extra seating. Have your guests sit on the floor or on the bed or at the desk chair. I used my extra chair a couple of times but honestly, college students don't mind sitting on the floor.

8. A jewelry box. I had one. It was pretty. But it took up a bunch of space and I didn't need it. I told myself I did, and I used most of the jewelry I had. But I could have found a better way to store it than a big glass box sitting on my desk just waiting to be broken. Thankfully, it never was.

9. More than one super formal dress. You can switch out dresses when you go home at breaks. Maybe you're in a sorority or some club, but I only needed two really formal dresses each year, and I could have gotten away with cocktail attire easily, I just enjoy dressing up.

10. A ton of heels. Sure, you think you're going to wear them, and I think that a black pair and a nude pair are necessary, but anything more you probably won't wear. Those are something you can leave.

11. Tons of makeup. You would be astounded at all the makeup I had. I used a few things daily, and then the majority of it was used two to three times or not at all. Granted, I cut down on how often I wore eye-shadow, and lipstick can be such a pain to wear, so it's all personal preference, but I really just used a few things at the beginning, and even less at the end. I needed nowhere near what I had.

12. A big mirror that sits on your desk for makeup. My first year I had a magnifying mirror that lit up when I touched it and I kept it on my desk. Rarely used it and a total waste of space. I didn't miss it at all when I left it home the next year.

13. A bunch of school supplies. A couple pencils/pens/highlighters will work just fine as long as you're not losing them. And you can just have one big binder full of all your subjects. You probably won't need a ton of school supplies.

14. A printer. I know, it sounds tempting, but you're going to have to transport it, re-fill it, and store it. Your room likely isn't large enough to easily have one and your school's going to have printers.


There are probably other things that I brought to college, or saw had friends bring, that were unnecessary, but I can't think of any more at the moment.

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Is there anything else you can think of that's unnecessary for college? Comment below!