Barclay Lake

This post is late, we hiked this on July 4th, but hey, life gets busy.

Barclay Lake had been on my hiking list and it was pretty close to where we were staying for the fourth, so we woke up early the morning of to set off to do it.

The glimpses of the mountains around us as we hiked were beautiful. A freezing river runs next to part of the trail and I was able to wade partly across to a small island. 

We didn't spend much time at the lake, one of my friends had to get back to study for a test, but the lake was beautiful. 

Where have you hiked to lately?

Barclay Lake-3.jpg
Barclay Lake-4.jpg
Barclay Lake-6.jpg

Exploring Seattle: Bell Street Pier

Yesterday was such a nice day that I had to go exploring so I went a few blocks north of Pike Place Market. It gets considerably less crowded just a few blocks away. Just off of Elliot Ave. I saw an uncrowded viewing area. I wandered out onto Bell Street Pier or Pier 66 and loved the view.

View of Seattle skyscrapers from Bell Street Pier

View of Olympic Mountains from Bell Street Pier

You could even (just barely) see the Space Needle from out there!

View of Space Needle from Bell Street Pier

Have you explored anywhere new lately?