Thai Chicken Soup

Northwest Pearls: Thai Chicken SoupI love Thai food, but I can't go out to eat all the time. When I found this Thai Chicken Soup recipe-that's made in a slow cooker!- I decided to try it. I went out and bought the ingredients I was lacking and made it in our slow cooker.

Northwest Pearls: Thai Chicken Soup

Northwest Pearls: Thai Chicken Soup

It was an okay soup, but I wouldn't make it again. I'm not sure if I did something wrong or not, but it was really lacking in flavor. I love slow cookers usually, but I just didn't love this recipe.

What are some slow cooker recipes you like to make?

Cooking with Friends

Northwest Pearls: Chicken Caprese A friend and I got together and we wanted to make a fun and not-too-hard meal. We settled on this 30 Minute Skillet Chicken Caprese recipe.

We bought the ingredients, substituted grape tomatoes for cherry tomatoes, and rosemary for the herbes de provence, and started.

It was pretty easy, we didn't have a pan we knew for sure could be used on the stove and in the oven so we just transferred the chicken from the cast iron pan to a glass oven pan.

I left my friend alone with the instructions to cut the tomatoes and came back to find he'd cut them in half the wrong way. But it worked.

Northwest Pearls: Chicken Caprese

We did forget to add the basil, but it was a great dish. My friend said it'd definitely be something he'd make again and our two other friends both enjoyed the dish!

We ate the dish with some yummy bread and for dessert we had angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream.

What easy recipe do you like to make?

Lunch at the Fisherman's Restaurant and Bar


image While in San Clemente, California earlier this week, we went to the Fisherman's Restaurant and Bar. It sits on the pier over the water. There's outdoor and indoor seating, and of course we chose outdoor.

I ordered the salmon tacos. The view was incredible. I mean, look at it. You're right above the ocean. I could spend hours looking and that view.

They also have a location in Seattle. Have you been to either location? Is there something you recommend ordering?

Blue Apron Meatballs

We got Blue Apron for a week, and this was the second meal we made from them. It was Pork and Ricotta Meatballs with Creamy Polenta and Broccolini. Northwest Pearls: Blue Apron Meatballs

I'd never cooked, or had polenta before. The red sauce was good, and the meatballs were fine, but my favorite part of the recipe was the broccolini. I wouldn't make this again, but if I did, I'd substitute the polenta for spaghetti. I really enjoyed the other meal we received from them, and this one was okay, just not something I would have picked.

Northwest Pearls: Blue Apron Meatballs

Northwest Pearls: Blue Apron Meatballs

Northwest Pearls: Blue Apron Meatballs

Northwest Pearls: Blue Apron Meatballs

Blue Apron isn't for the novice cook. They're assuming you have decent equipment and some cooking knowledge. So I wouldn't recommend it if you've never really cooked before. It is a fun thing to do with family or friends though.

To see our first Blue Apron meal, check out my blog post on it.

Have you ordered meals to be prepared at home? What have you thought?

Homemade Cinnamon Cranberry Sauce

Northwest Pearls: Cranberry Sauce A group of us had Friendsgiving this week. We each brought a side dish or drinks and met up for the dinner. One of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes is the cranberry sauce. So that's what I volunteered to bring.

For the recipe I used:

  • 4.5 cups of cranberries
  • 2 cups of water
  • 2 cups of sugar
  • 2 teaspoons of cinnamon

I put the cranberries and the water into a pot and cooked them until the cranberries were popping. Then I stirred in the sugar and the cinnamon. I cooked it for a few minutes before taking it off of the heat and setting it on a different burner.  When it had cooled down a bit, I transferred the sauce to a serving dish and covered it before placing it in the refrigerator. It was good to eat then, but I had made the dish three days in advance so that when Friendsgiving came around, I could just pull the dish out of the fridge and go on over.

Northwest Pearls: Cranberry Sauce

Northwest Pearls: Cranberry Sauce

The dish was incredibly easy to make. I was worried about it because I'd never made cranberry sauce with cinnamon, but I heard a few of my friends compliment the dish when they didn't know who made it.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Mountain House Freeze Dried Food

My mother gave me some of Mountain House's dried food to take to work and see if I like it. I was game to try it because it was something different and I didn't have to pack a lunch! Northwest Pearls: Mountain House

Sorry, I meant to take a picture before I opened the bag but my hunger got the best of me and I forgot.

The food is meant for camping and backpacking, or even emergencies. All you do is add boiling water and let it sit. I used the hot water maker at work as my "boiling water" and estimated about how much of the water I was supposed to pour in. (Hey, you improvise sometimes while camping too.)

So I followed the directions and then ate it out of the pouch (as you're supposed to do.) It was really good. And not just "I'll eat this because I didn't pack anything else." I really enjoyed it. So far the only kind I've tried is their Noodles and Chicken meal but it is definitely something I'd bring along with me if/when I go camping or backpacking. All you've got to do is add water and voila! Magic.

Northwest Pearls: Mountain House Food

So if you're thinking about getting some, I'd probably recommend it.

Have you tried any freeze dried meals before?