Dealing with a Long Commute

Northwest Pearls: Dealing with a Long Commute Before this year, I had never taken the bus. But when I got an internship that's fifty miles from home, I started to take the bus. Who wants to put 100 miles on their car everyday?

Between my front door and my desk it was about a two hour commute. On a good day it's as little as an hour and forty minutes. On a bad day it could be three hours. (Once it was three hours and ten minutes one way.)

Needless to say, I did a ton of reading.

I kept my phone and Kindle charged so that I could use them on the bus. I went to bed early so I could wake up at 4am to catch an early bus so I could leave work early and get home at a decent hour. It was quite the adjustment. I spend four hours of my day, five days per week, commuting.

Once I got used to my new way of life, it wasn't so bad. I would get home, eat, work-out, shower, and get a thing or two done before bed. Then repeat the next day.

I can't complain about my commute too much though. Some people have been doing it for years. But my Kindle has been a lifesaver since I started. Sadly the Kindle I have had since high-school graduation broke. So, after a little mourning because I liked it so much, I ordered a new one.

It's nice but I don't like it as much. I wish they had page-turning buttons on it like my old one. I don't like the touchscreen for a few reasons, one being that if I rest the Kindle on me while I'm rummaging through my bag on the bus, the pages may turn.

But enough about the Kindle.

Dealing with a long commute is tough, and I no longer have any pity for anyone whose commute in an hour or less. (One of my coworkers once complained that it took 20 minutes to get to work. Then he asked me about my commute.) But liking my internship paid a huge role in my commute. While it's not fun to spend 20 hours a week commuting, at least I liked my work and who I was working with. That made a huge difference.

And hey, if you're dealing with a long commute, just try to focus on the happy things, read a lot, bring your chargers with you, and try to get some rest. And while it may be bad at first, I can say that I got used to my commute pretty fast. Yes, I was happy when it ended, but I didn't hate it like I had at the beginning.

Do you have any advice for a long commute?