Kickboxing Class

I went to a kickboxing class last night and let me tell you, I hate burpees. I like kicking and punching the bag, but there aren't words to describe how much I hate burpees. The class started out with a little jog, then some burpees, pushups, squats, and a little more before we started working on the bags. One of the employees made sure to show me all of the moves and I really enjoyed it.

We did jabs, hooks, roundhouse kicks, side kicks, and front kicks. I focused more on the form than the power behind the moves but it was fun.

Sadly membership is expensive and not worth it to me so I'm probably not going back, but it was a fun workout (except for the burpees) and I'm definitely feeling it today. I was even feeling it last night.

Have you ever tried out kickboxing? What did you think?