Bootcut but No Boot

I've had this pair of bootcut jeans for three or four years, but I almost never wear them. They're comfortable, and fit well, but they're almost too dark to wear. They look black in some lighting, and blue in other lighting. At least that's my excuse for never wearing them. Northwest Pearls: Bootcut But No Boot

Northwest Pearls: Bootcut But No Boot

Northwest Pearls: Bootcut But No Boot

How do you style dark blue jeans?

Keeping it Casual

People in the Pacific Northwest don't really dress up. Ever. I am ashamed to admit that I have seen people who have worn jeans and sandals to weddings. To weddings! Come on people. But at the same time, while you want to look nice, you don't want to look out of place. I like to pair a blazer with a t-shirt and dark blue jeans to look put together, but still casual. You look nice enough to go out, but still casual.

Northwest Pearls: Keeping it Casual

What's a polished but casual look you like?

Cranberry and Lace

Northwest Pearls: Cranberry and Lace While shopping at Kohl's the other day, I came across this cute sweater. It has lace attached to the bottom. I love it. I've worn it a couple of times this week. I may go back and get it in the oatmeal color as well.

It's really comfy. However, it is pretty see-through, so you'll almost definitely need something to go under it.

Northwest Pearls: Cranberry and Lace

Northwest Pearls: Cranberry and Lace

Northwest Pearls: Cranberry and Lace

Sweater: Kohl's

Jeans: Loft (old); Similar curvy and modern

Shoes: Palladium (old); Similar here

Necklace: Vintage


Northwest Pearls: Blue Buttondown I stepped outside yesterday and it felt like fall. It won't be long now until the leaves are falling and we are bemoaning the much needed rain. But until then, I'm going to enjoy wearing my lighter clothes.

Northwest Pearls: Blue Buttondown

Northwest Pearls: Blue Buttondown

Are you looking forward to the change in the weather?

Shirt: Loft, old; Similar here and (petite) here Jeans: Loft, old; Similar modern and curvy Shoes: AGL (Beige is gone), Similar here Watch: Anne Klein, old; Similar here

My Favorite Outfit

Northwest Pearls: My Favorite Outfit If there's one outfit in my closet that I wear more than others, it's probably this one. (Or it's a grey t-shirt, jeans, and my Sperry shoes.) I didn't really love this shirt on the hanger, but I tried it on and really liked it. Now I wish I had it in more colors! I've work the shirt numerous times, for both business professional and casual. The shirt really dresses up or down and even with jeans I can make it look a lot nicer with pearls.

Northwest Pearls: My Favorite Outfit-Locket and Flats

Northwest Pearls: My Favorite Outfit

What's your go-to outfit?


Shirt: Loft (old) Similar here and here

Jeans: Loft (old) Similar (curvy) here and (modern) here

Shoes: Palladium (very old) Similar here, here, and here

Locket: Old, Similar here

Favorite Sweater

This has got to be my favorite sweater. I got it from Coldwater Creek for Christmas last year (I think it was last year.) I love when it's cold enough for me to pull it out and wear it. Lately though I've been wearing business clothes four days per week (Fridays we wear jeans) so I haven't had much of an opportunity to wear other clothes (or to blog because I'm out of the house so much.) That combined with our mild winter means that I haven't worn this as much as I'd like to. Northwest Pearls: Favorite Wool Sweater

And because you can't see the sweater very well, here it is hanging up.

Northwest Pearls: Favorite Wool Sweater

Northwest Pearls: Favorite Wool Sweater

Northwest Pearls: Favorite Wool Sweater

Sweater: Coldwater Creek (old)

Jeans: Loft (old) Similar petite jeans here

Shoes: Palladium (Very old) Similar here

Do you have a favorite sweater you like to bring out?

Un-shrinking Jeans

My brand new, only been worn once, pair of jeans got shrunk today. After despairing over this for a few minutes, I searched online for a solution. I settled on the third method presented in a wikiHow article. I could button my jeans, but they were pulling at the waist, so I filled the bathtub with warm water. It took forever to fill. Then I put on a swimsuit top, got out a towel, and got into the tub with my jeans on.

I sat in the tub for 20 minutes before getting out. Then I sat outside, where it was warm, and wore my wet jeans for an hour.

It is very hard to take off wet jeans. But I did and then I put the jeans onto the drying rack where they should have been originally.

While the jeans don't seem quite as loose as they were, it was a pretty good solution and they are looser than they were right out of the dryer!

Do you have any other suggestions for un-shrinking clothes?