Tips for Working From Home

Northwest Pearls: Working From Home


I've been fortunate this past week and a half to be able to work from home. It saves me a long commute and I get to sleep in a few hours. But working from home has its own annoyances; here are a few tips if you do, or are going to, work from home. Side note: these also apply to homework.

  • Keep your personal cell phone off and away. You (probably) don't look at it at work, so why have it within reach at home?
  • Shut the door to the room you're in. It keeps people and sound out (to an extent.)
  • Have a schedule. Set an alarm. Get up. Just because you're working at home, doesn't mean you should wake up at ten.
  • Tell your family to leave you alone. Seriously.
  • Use a program like Cold Turkey to keep you off of anything that can distract you.
  •  Eat meals away from your computer. This applies to both being at work and home. It allows for a change of scenery and position and it's not good for you to eat lunch at your desk.
  • When you're done, put work away and out of sight. That way you can relax.

Are there any tips you've found help you for working at home?

My Own Place

I've been longing to get my own place, a dream that won't happen for a while, but in the meantime, I can look around for what I hope one day to have. How cute are these measuring cups? I have a love of copper.

And this? Of course, I would need to start wearing rings, but how cool is it?

I don't need many (or any) tea cups, I've got so many from my grandmothers, but I do need everyday plates and silverware. My family has a mismatch of silverware, and I like that idea. When I have my own place, I want to go to a local antique store, go through their silverware basket, and mix and match until I have a few sets.

It is somewhat hard to find everyday plates (that I like), but I did find these from Pottery Barn. They're simple and classic enough to last for a while.

Great White Traditional Dinnerware

And a serving tray. Any old one, from online or an antique store would work. This one is from Pottery Barn.

Silver-Plated Breakfast Tray

One can never have enough aprons right? Anthropologie always has adorable aprons.

No kitchen is complete without a mixer. I love this mixer from KitchenAid, and it comes in so many colors, my favorite is this Aqua Sky.

What's something you've always wanted for your own place?