10 Tips for the Entry Level Job

Internship/Entry Level Job Tips:

  1. Don't have chipped nail polish.
  2. Don't have short skirts/dresses, even with tights under.
  3. Don't have low necklines/odd cutouts.
  4. Don't wear too much perfume.
  5. Don't have your cell phone out at your desk. Or at least don't sit around texting/surfing unless it's a break, or it's an emergency.
  6. Clean up after yourself.
  7. Wear comfortable shoes. If you need to, wear shoes to commute in and then change shoes once you've arrived.
  8. Keep a to-do list.
  9. Write down things you need to so you don't forget your instructions. This is the details of the to-do list.
  10. Ask questions/clarify your instructions. The only way you'll learn is if you ask questions.

These may not be the most important tips, or the most helpful, but they're good things to remember.