Fall is Coming

The weather shifted suddenly last week and it no longer feels like summer (even though it is for two more weeks.) We should have two more weeks of summer, but stores have jumped the gun and pumpkin spice things are already out. Did you know that they make pumpkin spice bagels? Well they do, and they also make Apple Pie bagels. Is nothing sacred?!

Northwest Pearls: Bagel Flavors

Can we not just enjoy summer? On July 24th of this summer I was in Michael's and they had all of their Halloween stuff out. On July 24th! And Costco has had children's costumes out for a few weeks.

Okay, I'm done with my rant. I am looking forward to cozy tea by the fire, thick sweaters, and boots. I would just love to not see pumpkin spice bagels until a little later in the month (or never.)

What do you think of everything getting put out earlier than necessary?