Shoe Comfort Hacks

It's important to have comfortable shoes, but I also like to have cute shoes. Sadly these two don't often go together. But there are a few ways to make shoes more comfortable.

Northwest Pearls: Shoe Hacks

You can stretch leather shoes out with wool socks and a hair dryer. I found it better heat-wise, to wear two pairs of socks on each foot that I was using the blow-dryer on. The second pair protected my feet from the heat better and it probably helped stretch the shoes out a little bit extra.

What you do is put on a pair of socks, or two, and them put on your shoes. Take a hair dryer and blow hot air onto the areas of the shoes you want stretched out. Do this for a while and let the shoes cool back down before taking them off. I've done this and had success on widening out a pair of my sandals.

Northwest Pearls: Shoe Hacks

Something else that can make shoes more comfortable is an insert. Superfeet makes an insert for both high heels and for flats. I use their high heel insert and while it doesn't make heels as comfortable as flats, it does make them considerably better. My mom and sister both have the Superfeet flat dress shoe insert and they both really like it. I'm going to see if it'll fit in a pair of my boots and if it does, I'll probably get one for myself.

Even cheap inserts or padding can help. You can add it under the heel area, the forefoot area, or to the back of the shoe to prevent blisters or to take up space.

Do you have any suggestions on making shoes a little more comfortable?