Icebreaker Games

Northwest Pearls: Thistles To get to know some new people yesterday, we played two icebreaker games.

The first was a Battle of the Sexes game, and the second was Speed-Friending. For Speed-Friending we had to come up with three questions to ask that person and had 45 seconds for both of us to ask the questions. The questions were supposed to be something that would enable you to get to know them as well as possible within those 45 (really 22.5) seconds. And we had to say our name before asking the three questions.

My three questions were:

  • What's a favorite hobby?
  • What's your favorite place?
  • What's a happy memory? (This one was hard for people to come up with on the spot, so I switched it to favorite animal, I know, not as good of a question.)

Other questions people asked me that I really liked were:

  • Top bucket list item?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What's your favorite place?
  • What's a pet peeve of yours?

I really love to ask people what a happy memory, or a favorite memory, of theirs is. It makes them think and brings up something happy and I get to see what makes them happy. In college one of my friends asked me mine and it stuck with me as a good question to ask.

What are some questions you can think of to ask people to get to know them better?