U-Cut Lavender at Lavender Hill Farm

Northwest Pearls: Lavender Farm I love the smell of lavender and this week I got to go out to a lavender farm and cut my own. I've cut lavender before, but it's always been the lavender from my house or the house of a friend or family member. This was my first time at a farm.

Northwest Pearls: Lavender Farm

Northwest Pearls: Lavender Farm

We went to Lavender Hill Farm on Vashon Island in the Puget Sound. There are 20 kinds of lavender at the farm, but because we went towards the end of the season, most of the lavender has already bloomed and been cut.

Northwest Pearls: Lavender Farm

This didn't bother us though and we walked down the hill to some of the lavender and began to cut. The bees were everywhere but they didn't seem to mind us.

Northwest Pearls: Lavender Farm

Northwest Pearls: Lavender Farm

A bunch of lavender is the amount you can fit between your thumb and index finger when you touch them together. And a bunch of lavender was $5.

Northwest Pearls: Lavender Farm

We didn't see the secret garden, but we did go in the farm store and look at what they were selling.

It was a very cute place and I had fun going with my friends. Have you ever been to a u-cut lavender farm?

Greenbluff, Spokane, Washington

Greenbluff Leaves Greenbluff Spokane Trees

Last week I went and visited some friends in Spokane. As excited as I was to see them, I was almost as excited to go to the farming area known as Greenbluff. We took the mandatory boots-in-leaves photos and I returned to a gorgeous tree-lined driveway to take some photos there.

Greenbluff OOTD


*Photo credit to A.R.

Greenbluff is known for its pumpkin doughnuts and apple cider. A friend of mine and I drove up and went to The Harvest House to buy our doughnuts and cider. I also bought some huckleberry jam, honey, and a bottle of huckleberry wine (that was delicious.)

Here's a photo of the doughnut making machine. I bought a dozen of them and managed to bring eleven home to my family. (I'd had a big breakfast. Last year I think I ate five-ish at once.)

Greenbluff Doughnuts

Last year my family and I bought our pumpkins at Greenbluff. There are multiple farms open selling doughnuts, cider, apples (that you can pick yourself), vegetables, etc. It's a fun place to visit if you're ever in Spokane in the fall.

Where do you like to travel in the fall?