Waiting for the Leaves to Turn

Since the weather turned I've been turning (no pun intended) to this skirt and tights. I usually pair it with my Frye Melissa Button boots, but for days when I want to be taller, go with these booties instead. It's funny how we all go through phases of outfits. I have so many clothes but really only wear like five things. Then I'll turn to a completely different five things and wear only those in rotation for a while. Anyone else relate to that problem? Northwest Pearls: Red and Khaki

What have you been wearing a lot of lately?

Warmer Shades

I was a bit sad to put away my summer clothes, but I do love that I can wear boots again! I bought this pair of booties on sale from Nordstrom about two years ago but I'm not very creative with what to wear these with so I usually pair them with maxi skirts or jeans and rarely with a shorter dress. How do you like to style booties?

Northwest Pearls: Pink OOTD

Apple Rose Treats

The other treat I made for the bake sale was Apple Roses. I found this recipe and decided to make them. It was a mistake.

The treats were amazing, but the amount of time I put into them was not worth it for a simple fundraiser. I wouldn't make these treats again unless it was for a pretty fancy dinner party. It took me about 3 hours and 45 minutes to make 16 treats.

I did learn some things though. If I make these again I will use our mandoline slicer, and I will have plenty of lemon juice on hand.

I needed more apple preserves than the original recipe called for, and more water and lemon juice to soak the lemons in. I also found that I should have simmered the apples in warm water right away and not tried just soaking them. Even when increasing the ingredients to make triple I still needed way more of the preserves and water. But the treats turned out wonderful and apparently had the mothers fighting over them.

Before going into the oven:

Northwest Pearls: Apple Roses

After coming out of the oven:

Northwest Pearls: Apple Roses

Northwest Pearls: Apple Roses

Northwest Pearls: Apple Roses

Ready to eat:

Northwest Pearls: Apple Roses

Northwest Pearls: Apple Roses

The treats were a ton of work, but I like how they turned out, not too sweet, and very pretty.

Have you tried making apple roses?

On the Christmas Tree Hunt

Northwest Pearls: Christmas Tree Hunt This weekend we went out to get a Christmas tree. It's a tradition for us to go to a tree farm, pick one out, and cut it down. Only once in my memory have we bought one from a lot; and that was because we were on vacation before Christmas and didn't want to get one before we left, which meant we bought it on December 22nd or so.

As you'd expect, this year it was raining, but the bright side of the rain meant that we were the only ones at the tree farm. I know that I mock people who use umbrellas, but I went without it for the first few minutes of picking a tree before I gave in and got it out of our car. It did make standing out in the rain slightly more pleasant.

Northwest Pearls: Christmas Tree Hunt

I'm excited to decorate our tree; are you getting a Christmas tree this year? Or if not, do you have any holiday traditions?

Thanksgiving Treats

Northwest Pearls: Thanksgiving Bakery Treats For Thanksgiving dessert, our friend bought Chocolate Pecan Tarts and cookies from Phoebe's Pastry Cafe. Our friend brought about eight of the tarts to Thanksgiving dinner. All of which came in a big white pastry box with the bakery sticker on top. I think it's cute that the logo design has a "P" incorporated into the baker.

Northwest Pearls: Thanksgiving Bakery Treats

I love Chocolate Pecan Pie so I had a tart. It was amazing. I could have eaten a second one. I can't tell you how much I loved the tart, but I finished every last crumb on my plate.

Northwest Pearls: Thanksgiving Bakery Treats

We never got into the cookies, but they were decorated really well and looked yummy. I like how the leaves aren't a solid green, but have  three different colors.

Northwest Pearls: Thanksgiving Bakery Treats

I'm definitely adding Phoebe's Pastry Cafe to my list of places I need to try. I'd like to see how the rest of their food is!

What's your favorite kind of holiday dessert?

Tahari Coat

O ne of my favorite coats is one I bought from Nordstrom a couple of years ago. I bought it while in Eastern Washington where it rains less and wore it around a lot during the fall, winter and spring. Here in Western Washington though I haven't worn it as much. Here I'll usually just save it for special occasions. Northwest Pearls: Tahari Coat

Northwest Pearls: Tahari Coat

Northwest Pearls: Tahari Coat

I love the double breasted princess coat style and wish it worked a little better with the rain. Sadly, you need something a little more waterproof and with a hood for around here.

What coat style do you like?

Buffalo Check

They say that if you don't like the Washington weather, just wait five minutes. I've got a pair of rain boots for when the weather is at its worst, as we're supposed to get this week. They're cute, but a little tall for me. Of course, that doesn't stop me from wearing them. But with or without wear, rubber bloom can develop on the boots, as you can see on mine. I showed how I clean off the rubber bloom in this blog post. Northwest Pearls: Buffalo Check

Northwest Pearls: Buffalo Check

Northwest Pearls: Buffalo Check

For times when it's a little less wet, I'll exchange my rain boots for my black Frye boots. (They also come in an extended calf boot!)

And while I'm usually pretty bad at remembering to grab a coat unless it's currently raining, I've usually got a thin rain jacket I have in the backseat of my car for when I forget.

Mad for Plaid

While walking through Macy's a couple of weeks ago, I spotted this plaid dress and fell in love. It was the last one left and I'm so glad I bought it. It's currently my favorite item of clothing. I love how I can dress it up with heels, or dress it down with boots and tights; I just wore it with my brown flats to a party. Northwest Pearls: Mad for Plaid

Northwest Pearls: Mad for Plaid

What's your favorite piece of clothing?

Double Breasted Blue Coat

Northwest Pearls: Double Breasted Blue Coat Before we went to Europe a few years ago, my mom and I went out looking for new coats for the trip. I found this nice one from Old Navy. I got it on sale, and I figured it anything happened to it, then I didn't waste my money. But the coat lasted and has held up for years. It's a little long, I could have done with a petite size I think, or some hemming, but it's been a pretty good coat, especially for the price I paid. It's decently warm, especially when you layer properly. And I love how bright it is for gloomy days here in the PNW. But I wasn't able to find any similar coats on Old Navy's website right now.

Northwest Pearls: Double Breasted Blue Coat

Do you have a clothing item that's held up well?