Phones and Conversation Quality

Having quality conversations with people is great. But that  requires not being distracted. One thing that is easily distracting is your phone. Through it you can connect with friends, see what's on sale, and work. But it also may lead to a decrease in conversation quality, as well as other things, according to a study done by Przybylski and Weinstein found here. Just having a phone in sight could negatively affect your conversation. (I came across this while writing a speech about whether or not technology is good or bad for interpersonal communication.) Since I've known about this study, I've made a conscious decision to put my phone away at the table or when with friends. Sometimes I make a conscious decision to keep it out because I'm waiting on something, but I feel a bit guilty that I'm doing it when I know better. And other times I  forget that I should put it away. But it's something to keep in mind. Putting your phone away can help lead to more meaningful conversations.

What do you think about putting your phone away?