My Perfume

Northwest Pearls: Perfume DisplayThere isn't much storage space in my room, or my bathroom, so most of my decorations are also things I use. My hats are hung on the wall, my nail polish lined up on a shelf, my stationery displayed on another shelf etc. So my perfume is also displayed on a mirrored tray. The hairbrush and handheld mirror are purely for decoration, as is the painting by my grandmother.

I've used all of these perfumes at one point or another. Currently I'm using the Jimmy Choo the most often. I'll usually take the Vanilla Fields to travel with because it's less expensive, the bottle travels well, it's small, and it's under 3 oz.

What perfume do you like to use?

Room Storage

I've got a small/awkward room and way too much stuff (mostly clothing). So I've had to get creative in where I store things and maybe I'll give you some ideas for dorm room or bedroom storage. A massive antique trunk. This probably won't work in a dorm, but in a bedroom, this thing is amazing. It holds so much stuff it's ridiculous. I store things that I usually don't need in there because I've got those bags (and usually some other things too) stacked on it. I got this one at a garage sale a few years ago. I'm not sure where the smaller luggage and bag are from.

Vintage Steamer Trunk

Under-the-bed storage. I've got three rolling bins under my bed, similar to these. One's full of clothes, one's full of shoes, and the other has books and miscellaneous things in it. They're really useful. I've also got two more plastic bins under the bed for more storage.

Shelves. I've got three long shelves above my computer. The highest one has decorations on it. The middle one has decorations, scarves, and clutches on it. That way I can reach the scarves and clutches and they double as a decoration. And the lowest one has my stationary, some beauty products, nail polish, and various desk things on it. I've tried to make everything double as decoration.

Desk Shelves

Wall storage. I've put six sunhats on the wall so they're not taking up space anywhere else. They definitely double as decor.

Hat Wall

So for the most part, I've tried to make the things I wear double as decor. It's worked well and it's fairly functional. I've even DIY-ed a necklace display. You can see that post here.

Frame Display

Do you have any bedroom storage ideas?

DIY Friday: Necklace Display

Frame Display I wanted to make a necklace display for my room so when I came across an old frame, I bought it. The seller had glued it a bit to make sure it didn't fall apart. Here's a picture of the back of it.

Frame Display

And the front. It was incredibly dusty so I took a small brush vacuum attachment and vacuumed/brushed all the dust off.Frame Display

Here's a close-up of the frame.

Frame Display

I went to an antique store and bought one old drawer pull. I love the look of it and the bubbles in the glass.

Frame Display

They only had one old one, so I bought four new ones that matched. They don't have the same charm, but they are almost identical besides the lack of patina and imperfections/uniqueness.

Frame Display


My dad cut some wood for the backing. I went to a fabric store and bought velvet to cover it. This is a mock-up of what it would look like finished.

Frame Display

I cut the fabric and we took a staple gun to it. Then we drilled the pulls into the fabric. This was really tricky and the fabric would start to be caught up in the drill. The best way to do this was to cut a teeny tiny 'x' into the fabric where I wanted the bolt to go. Then we held the fabric apart and drilled through the 'x' and made sure it didn't touch the fabric by holding the fabric apart with two rulers. We put a washer and a nut on the back of each. Then we took picture hanging wire/hardware and attached that. We had to be careful to not drill the hardware through the frame. And finally, we took those metal tabs you use to keep the back of pictures and picture frames in place, and attached two of those to the frame so the backing wouldn't fall out.

Frame Display

And voila! We hung it up on the wall!

Frame Display