Christmas Dinner

By taking inspiration from around the internet, and with permission from my mother, I decorated our dining room as I wanted. Here are the finished results. I cut cedar from a tree in our backyard, allowed it to dry a little (it had just rained) and then cut and placed it around the cabinets, chandelier, and table.

Northwest Pearls: Cedar and Display Cabinet

Northwest Pearls: Cedar and Cabinet

Northwest Pearls: Cedar and Chandelier

Northwest Pearls: Cedar and Chandelier

My dad cut cedar charger plates. I wanted them to be about 13' in diameter, but we couldn't find that so they're a bit wider than the standard charger plate. He washed them and we set them in the garage with a fan on them for about 48-72 hours so they could dry before Christmas dinner. It would have been less stressful for us to do this farther in advance, but now we know!

Northwest Pearls: Christmas Place Setting

Northwest Pearls: Christmas Tablescape

Northwest Pearls: Christmas Tablescape

Northwest Pearls: Christmas Tablescape

I'm incredibly happy with how it all turned out. It was beautiful.

Did you have a Christmas dinner? If so, what did you do?

Creating a Portfolio

As I'm searching for that elusive job, I've realized (okay, I've known for a while now) that I need an online portfolio. (One outside of LinkedIn). So I finally bought a web address (through Wordpress) chose a theme (Editor) and launched it. The first page you see when you open it is the "About Me" and easily accessible through a sidebar menu are my resume, writing samples, design samples, and online media samples. I uploaded a picture of myself, edited a few things, and then added it to a few job applications. Hopefully having this available will help me to get a job. At the very least, because my profession requires a portfolio, this is a good thing to have. Have you created an online portfolio for yourself?

Portfolio, Writing Samples, and Resume

As I've been looking for a job or an internship for after college, I've  learned  how many employers desire writing samples and portfolios as well as a resume. Because I was a communication major, we didn't focus a ton on having a portfolio (not as much as design majors), but in my design class, I found myself wishing that we had done more design projects for my future portfolio. Now that I have to actually have a portfolio, instead of a list of things I would put in one, I find myself thinking about emailing professors and mentioning that little fact to them. (Sorry future students, I promise you'll be thankful in the long run.) So my advice to you is to take some of your work, preferable design and writing samples, and get it all together for a portfolio. See what you got great grades on or you are proud of and put it into a folder on your computer labeled "portfolio." That way, when you need it, you've got it.

Same with a resume, get it all updated and perfect BEFORE you need it. It is so nice to just have to submit the resume and not have to spend time stressing over it before it is due.

Do all of this before hand, and you'll be thankful you did.

Now I've got an email to write to former professors :)