My Own Place

I've been longing to get my own place, a dream that won't happen for a while, but in the meantime, I can look around for what I hope one day to have. How cute are these measuring cups? I have a love of copper.

And this? Of course, I would need to start wearing rings, but how cool is it?

I don't need many (or any) tea cups, I've got so many from my grandmothers, but I do need everyday plates and silverware. My family has a mismatch of silverware, and I like that idea. When I have my own place, I want to go to a local antique store, go through their silverware basket, and mix and match until I have a few sets.

It is somewhat hard to find everyday plates (that I like), but I did find these from Pottery Barn. They're simple and classic enough to last for a while.

Great White Traditional Dinnerware

And a serving tray. Any old one, from online or an antique store would work. This one is from Pottery Barn.

Silver-Plated Breakfast Tray

One can never have enough aprons right? Anthropologie always has adorable aprons.

No kitchen is complete without a mixer. I love this mixer from KitchenAid, and it comes in so many colors, my favorite is this Aqua Sky.

What's something you've always wanted for your own place?