The Crumpet Shop

For lunch a friend and I went to The Crumpet Shop near Pike's Place Market in Seattle. Neither of us had been before but we both like tea so it seemed like a good idea. Crumpets are somewhat like English muffins, but not exactly the same. You can look up the difference yourself but that gives you a general idea.

I ordered an English cheese, pesto, and tomato crumpet with Jasmine Pearl tea.

Northwest Pearls: The Crumpet Shop

It was so nice to go out to lunch and to see a friend. I'd recommend going to The Crumpet Shop if you're ever in that area. They've got a few teas to choose from, organic scones, and a few kinds of organic crumpets to order. It was a really yummy lunch and I'll probably go back sometime.

Have you been anywhere new lately?