2015+1 Graduation Gift 2016

Northwest Pearls: Graduation 2016 Gift My brother found this idea of giving a money graduation gift for the year 2015 where you used a 20 dollar bill, a 10, and a five. He modified it to make it for 2016 (2015+1) and put this together himself as a gift for our cousin.

He rolled/folded the bills and placed them into a jewelry box and then mailed them to our cousin.

What are some crafty graduation gifts you've seen?

DIY Envelopes

While at Marshall's a few weeks ago I came across some pretty wrapping paper for Christmas. Because what I'm giving some people can fit in a card, I decided to make envelopes out of the new wrapping paper. So I searched for a tutorial on how to do it and was able to do it pretty easily. I just used the tutorial, scissors, a ruler, printer paper, and glue. (To make the envelope a little less floppy, I glued the printer paper to the back of the wrapping paper before cutting it all out. That way it had a weight similar to wallpaper.)

Below is my finished product!

Northwest Pearls: Christmas Envelopes

Northwest Pearls: Christmas Envelopes

Northwest Pearls: Christmas Envelopes

So now the envelopes coordinate with the rest of the gifts under the tree and I put a little extra love into the project.

Have you made any Christmas DIY's recently?