Be Happy With Now

Northwest Pearls: Snowy Trees

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I have a pet peeve, well, I have more than one, but one in particular is when people, usually on social media, are all "Oh, I can't wait for (insert season here!)"

And they do it every single season. They are always looking forward to autumn leaves, winter scarves, spring dresses, and summer trips.

I don't understand it. You were just looking forward to whatever season it is currently so why are you already over it?

I get it, the sun is nice, so are pumpkins pictures of your boots in the leaves (I've done that), snow is fun (haven't seen any this year, yay PNW), and you can't wait for flowers to bloom. But what if, what if you just enjoyed it until it was over? What if you were happy and content with where we are in the year and where you are in life?

You can still strive toward larger things while you're content with where you are. We should always strive to improve ourselves and to make the world a better place for others, but we can be content while doing so. We can enjoy the fact that the air is cooler and that the rain will help with water-levels in the warmer-months, we can enjoy the fact that we're in school and have a chance to learn.

Looking forward to things is agonizing. Looking forward to graduating, a new job, a move, a change in relationship, a trip; we have expectations and we think that life will be better afterwards. But in a way that can make us unhappy in-the-now. I'm as guilty of this as anyone, but I'm trying to be content with where I am in life.

What do you think of trying to be content with where you're at?