Stargazing and Searching for the Northern Lights

Last night it was going to be possible to see the northern lights from Western Washington. So a friend and I went out to watch. I hauled out my Disney princess blanket that I was given in high school (my best friend's dad bought each of us one) and curled up outside. We lit a bonfire, probably not helping with seeing the sky but it was nice and cozy, and watched the sky. Sadly we didn't see any northern lights, but it was a clear night and we did see shooting stars.

One of my favorite things to do is to stargaze and I hope to one day get far enough away from the light pollution that I can see tons of stars. The last time I got out in the wilderness it was cloudy every night, ruining any chances I had at seeing the stars.

Have you gotten to see the northern lights? What did you think?