Should You Buy A Buff?

Northwest Pearls: Mima Falls Now, you may be asking like I did the first time, "What is a Buff?"

Well, it's a neck-wrap, and a balaclava, and a headband, sweatband, pony-tail holder, and more.

My favorite thing it does, and why I bought it, is for the neckband/scarf. You can see me wearing it above on our hike to Mima Falls. I had used a scarf for snowshoeing and got frustrated at the ends constantly flapping around. I needed something to keep my neck warm but not annoy me.

A friend of mine had bought a Buff for snowshoeing, mostly because he couldn't find the other two or three he already owned. I greatly envied it so before my next hike, I researched them.

I'd decided I wanted a wool one because I anticipate using it mostly when it's cold. I've never wanted something like this in warmer weather, even though people do use them in all weather. The company makes an Original BuffHigh UV Protection BuffUV Insect Shield Buff, Wool BuffPolar Reversible Buff, and a Windproof Buff.

I love my wool one; I don't think it's itchy and neither do any of the reviews I read. I'd debated getting the Polar Reversible Buff, but decided that I didn't need that level of warmth. And I debated getting the Original Buff too, but wanted a little bit more warmth than that. It was a great purchase, and I'd recommend getting one. If I get another I might try the Original Buff.

So the answer to "Should you get a Buff?" If you're wanting something to keep your neck warm, or do so many other things, it's "yes."

How To Keep Your Clothing Looking Like New

clothing-looking-newI usually don't mind buying higher priced clothing, if it means that it'll last (and it's something I know I'll use.) But even though it may be higher quality, or probably because it's higher quality, I try to take even better care of it. So here are some of the things I like to have on hand to keep my clothes and accessories looking their best.

  • Lint roller
  • Drying rack (so delicate items don't have to go through the dryer)
  • Clothing steamer
  • Leather shoe conditioner
  • Shoe wax
  • Sewing kit (for popped-off buttons and fixing hems)
  • Sewing scissors
  • Seam ripper
  • Boot shaper/insert (to keep the leather shaft upright and not slouchy)

I'll also fold heavier items so they don't stretch out on the hanger. And I'll make sure to wash things on the settings their labels say. (Sometimes this means that I have to search for what their symbols mean if they don't have words, but it's worth it!) I'll handwash things if they say that, and they really are that delicate that I don't quite trust the handwash setting on the washing machine. And finally, I'll send things to the dry cleaner if they're dry clean only and it's their time.

How do you keep your clothing looking nice?

Out to Brunch

Happy first day of summer and longest day of the year! I bought this skirt in high school from a thriftstore. I love its length and polka dots. It's fairly versatile, as all the best pieces of clothing are. I only wish I could find something similar online but I wasn't able to.

Northwest Pearls: Out to Brunch Northwest Pearls: Out to Brunch

What are your plans for the first few days of summer?

Closet Cleaning

Since I've moved from a large room to a smaller room, the contents of my closet have been in 3-4 places around the house. But having clothes in places I never go to makes me forget that I owned the clothes in the first place. So I finally went through the closets and boxes and managed to throw out old papers, find clothes from high school to give away, and reorganize it all.

I bought large clear boxes with lids from Costco and am using them to store winter clothes and sweatshirts. I took some business-like skirts that I haven't seen since high school and hung them up in my closet, and I found some old purses, like 1930's old, and put them on display in my room. I've also started to transition the summer clothes into boxes so my closet has more room. You can already feel the change in the air. Summer is almost over.

My hope is to get the majority of my clothes into my room, but seeing as how I can't get them all in there, it is nice to know what I have and where.

What helped me to go through everything was to drag all of it out of one area and to go through it until I had gotten the floor clear again. Then I did that with the next area closet/shelf. I had a garbage bag, a pile for unwanted clothing and accessories, and a pile to keep.

If you've been needing to clean out your closet, you should take a few hours, and just sit down with it all. It's daunting, but once you're done, it feels great. Just keep in mind, it'll probably take a few hours.

Good luck!

Cost vs. Quality

One thing I firmly believe in is buying quality items. There are stores I won't shop at because it looks as though the dress will fall apart after two washes. If you're going to be buying something classic that you can envision yourself using for a while to come, you should make sure it's something high quality. If it's a pair of boots that will easily last you ten years (and you can envision yourself wearing them for that long) then they're probably worth the money. But only as long as you have it. It's not worth going into debt over a pair of boots (or any piece of clothing). What are you willing to spend money on for quality?