Yoga in the Park

Northwest Pearls: Yoga in the Park  

This past week I went down to Southern California. One of the many fun things I did was go to I Heart Yoga in the Park classes. The class is located in Lantern Bay Park in Dana Point, CA, and is free with a suggested donation of $8.

This was the first time I had tried yoga (besides doing a YouTube class or two in college) although I have been thinking of taking classes for a while. The first class was incredibly hard but the other two I went to were a lot easier. I went to two evening classes and one 10 am class.

Around 30-60 people (forgive me if I'm way off, estimating people can be hard) attended the classes. I had a yoga mat, some water, my (somewhat baggy and loose in all the wrong places) yoga clothes, and my sunglasses. The park overlooks the ocean and it's very pretty.

Both men and women went to the classes; their ages ranged from late teens/early twenties to their fifties and sixties. (There may have been older people, I just didn't see them.) The instructors walked around so if you couldn't hear them at one point, you could hear them later; once in a while they commented on a specific person's pose to correct it or to praise it.

I can see the class being better for people who actually know what they're doing in yoga, but I didn't have too much trouble following along. I'm sure my form could have been better but I definitely got a workout and I was careful to not hurt myself. (I just looked at a picture of myself doing downward dog and I didn't realize that it was more like an upside down 'v' so I know that I was doing that one wrong, my back was curved.) 

Since I have some free time coming up and I enjoyed the classes, I might look into taking a few yoga classes here in the northwest.

Have you ever tried yoga? What have you thought of it?

CPR/AED/First Aid Class

First Aid Sign

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I've been wanting to take a First Aid and CPR class for a while and I finally had the chance!

I should have taken a class last summer when I had loads of time on my hands, but I didn't. However at my new internship I had the opportunity to take one. The CPR portion was practicing reviving our dummy, the AED (the defibrillator, you know the thing with paddles you use to restore a heart's natural rhythm), the teacher demonstrated that with a test defibrillator and a dummy, and we learned about first aid and what to do in different situations.

There were about 15 of us plus the teacher. It was a five hour class with 45 minutes for lunch. I highly recommend you taking something like that. You should really learn these things from a trained professional, I'm definitely not giving you any advice. But I like that I now have this knowledge and hope I will never need to use it.

I do still want to learn a few more skills, I wouldn't mind a wilderness course, and I would love to learn how to sail. Maybe one of these days I will!

Have you learned anything new lately?