Cooking with Friends

Northwest Pearls: Chicken Caprese A friend and I got together and we wanted to make a fun and not-too-hard meal. We settled on this 30 Minute Skillet Chicken Caprese recipe.

We bought the ingredients, substituted grape tomatoes for cherry tomatoes, and rosemary for the herbes de provence, and started.

It was pretty easy, we didn't have a pan we knew for sure could be used on the stove and in the oven so we just transferred the chicken from the cast iron pan to a glass oven pan.

I left my friend alone with the instructions to cut the tomatoes and came back to find he'd cut them in half the wrong way. But it worked.

Northwest Pearls: Chicken Caprese

We did forget to add the basil, but it was a great dish. My friend said it'd definitely be something he'd make again and our two other friends both enjoyed the dish!

We ate the dish with some yummy bread and for dessert we had angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream.

What easy recipe do you like to make?

Pollo a la Crema

Northwest Pearls: Pollo a la Crema Last night for dinner I made a modified version of this recipe. I love pollo a la crema but the instructions are a little vague and since I've made it before, I didn't follow them very closely.

Instead of one sweet onion- that seemed like a lot, the onion I had bought was big- I used 3/4 of one. But I have to be vague as well as I didn't actually measure out how much onion I put in, but it was probably around 1.5 cups or maybe a little more.

I didn't know what type of mushrooms to get so I went with white mushrooms.

Because I wanted to use up the rest of my sour cream, I added probably another 1/3 cup to the recipe as well as another 1/4 cup or so of heavy whipping cream. Side note: I looked for heavy cream at the grocery store and ended up with heavy whipping cream. According to Google search results, there's a difference, but it seemed fine to me.

Also, while cooking and reading the directions, it says to "add the cream." I read this over and decided that the recipe creator meant to add both kinds of cream, sour and heavy, so I added both then. Later on I realized that I was supposed to add the sour in later, but it worked out fine the way I did it.

Because of the extra sour cream and heavy whipping cream I added, I also added in an extra 1/2 tablespoon of paprika as well as an extra 1/2 tablespoon of chicken base (a substitute for chicken bouillon.) Last time this was made, the end result was a lot less orange, so the extra paprika must have made a difference, but it tasted great to me!

To use up the rest of my green peppers, I just cut two green peppers into slices and added them all.

I used six chicken "strips" from a bag of frozen chicken strips. I read the directions wrong and didn't realize so until I was writing this blog post. I thought that the directions said "two chicken breasts" so six strips about equaled that.

And I thought that the dish needed more salt so I sprinkled a bit onto it.

So it was modified more than a little and I probably couldn't duplicate it exactly, but as I was cooking I tasted it and decided what to add more of.

To eat with the pollo a la crema I steamed some flour tortillas by stacking them on a plate in the microwave with damp paper towels between each tortilla. Then on top I added another plate to keep the steam in. I put them in the microwave for about 45 seconds which may have been a little long, but they were good.

It was a really good dinner and a nice change to one of my more usual and basic dinners.

What's a recipe you like to make?